Therapeutic Exercise: Improving Physical Function & Well-Being

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Date:  2023-06-06

Therapeutic exercise is the systematic conduction of organized physical activities that purpose to help improve and restore physical function. The practices are mainly intended to correct defined problems ("therapeutic exercise," 2020). Therapeutic exercise minimizes health risks and enables fitness and well-being. The therapeutic exercise incorporates aerobic, breathing exercises, body mechanic training, developmental activities, muscle lengthening, relaxation exercise, among others. Physical therapists choose and implement therapeutic exercise activities when the diagnosis gives results that need these activities. Therapeutic exercise works to improve and reestablish physical function, ensure no loss of function, upgrade a patient's functional abilities. Ensure no impairment and disability and improve general health status and enhance body fitness of the client under treatment ("Therapeutic Exercise: Overview, Physiologic Aspects of Physical Fitness, Medical Evaluation," 2020).

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With the technology that has dramatically improved for about the last two decades, people have become less active since almost everything can be done at the comfort of one's desk in the office or home. Activities that involve physical movement like shopping people are doing it online and the commodities delivered at the doorstep. There are machines for washing, and thus back at home, people just press buttons for all the activities that could have needed physical engagement. The inactive bodies are developing so many complications and making the body rigid hence the poor functioning of the organs. The modern lifestyle has led to severe diseases like stroke, diabetes, arthritis, among many others. People also eat junks that are leading to obesity and other heart-related diseases. Due to all these problems, therapists are therefore using the therapeutic exercise to reduce the risks and take the patient's body back to a healthy functional state.

Some of the conditions that lead to therapists recommending the exercise are; on patients recovering from surgery to heal the inflamed tissues. Research has it that small therapeutic exercise brings about significant protection against post-surgery infections ("Benefits of Therapeutic Exercises - Premier Health Chiropractors," 2020). Minimum stretching and less walking are usually recommended for these patients. Therapeutic exercise is also prescribed to people with osteoporosis. These patients display grate deviations in their strength level. Persons with significant risk for pathological fractures should be more careful while involving in extreme movements during exercise. In treating muscle-related agonies, remedial training is progressively exact.

Resistance exercise, which is a form of the therapeutic activities are relevant in lowering the stress level and blood pressure, which are the leading cause of muscle inflammation. Under this prescription, patients must be careful and keep off overworking and extreme postures that lead to fatigue during the exercise ("Benefits of Therapeutic Exercises - Premier Health Chiropractors," 2020). All these issues are solved by therapeutic exercise leads to a tasty and healthy lifestyle. With the technology we are having at this error, training is the only way people can get their body fitness when the body stays inactive for long; it is very unhealthy and can lead to illness. Exercise is also very essential for healthy and tasty aging. One can be old and still very active since the body is used to a lot of physical movements.

The similarity between rehabilitation and is that both are techniques meant to help individuals with the inabilities to reach and keep up ideal physical, tangible, scholarly, mental, and social working ("Rehabilitation: MedlinePlus," 2020). The main difference is one help regain a lost skill or ability while the other one helps in developing a skill that the person was unable to create on their own. Thus, rehabilitation refers to recapturing aptitudes, capacities, or information that have been lost or traded off because of procuring a handicap because of a change in various conditions ("The Difference Between Habilitation and Rehabilitation," 2020). Habilitation then again is a method that reason in helping crippled individuals achieve, keep or improve aptitudes and working for a day by day living.


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