Motorcycle Man

Date:  2021-03-23 17:42:06
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One fateful evening at around 7 pm, I was driving my truck on my way back home after a busy day at work. At a certain crossroads, I witnessed an accident. Apparently, a lorry was trying to beat the red light and unfortunately ended up hitting a man on his motorcycle as he crossed from the opposite direction. Surprisingly, the lorry never stopped. Instead, its driver veered off at a tremendous speed in a bid to flee from the mischief he had caused. Noticing the mischievous turn of events, I quickly note down the plate number of the lorry and then pulled my truck over near the hit man.

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I grabbed the first aid kit from the back of my truck, got out and ran to the scene in a bid to help the hit motorcycle man. At the verge of the accident, the motorcycle was hit by the tip of the back seat and due to that force, the cyclist was thrown off the bike and slid across the tarmac. He stopped when he hit his head against a slab on the side of the road. Luckily, he had his protective gear including his helmet on which absorbed the shock as he hit the slab. I rushed to where he laid to assess his condition and help him the best way I could.

He lay motionless with his body spread across the road about five meters from his damaged motorcycle. I got his helmet off and found that his nose was bleeding. Also, his leg had dislocated at the knee joint. In used my jacket to support his hurt leg as I administered a quick first aid procedure to stop his nose from bleeding. It took me some minutes and to stop the bleeding but immediately the bleeding stopped I called the police and also called an ambulance. I then nursed some of the wounds that were on his arms and legs using the supplies from my first aid kit. By this time, the victim was writhing in pain from the dislocated knee and I had to comfort him through some biblical verses as we waited for the boys in blue. At some point in time, I had to detour oncoming traffic since I could not move the man due to his injuries.

By the time the police arrived, about an hour after I had called them, a crowd had formed around the accident scene and some of them helped detour traffic as I continued to comfort the victim. No sooner had the police arrived and secured the accident scene than the ambulance arrived. The motorcycle man was attended to by the paramedics and moved into the ambulance. At this point the police asked the victim to give a statement of what had transpired but the paramedics insisted that the victim had to be rushed to the hospital first. For this reason, the police questioned me as the major witness. I explained what had happened and gave them the number of the lorry that had hit the man. They suspected that I was the one who hit the man but luckily, the man identified me as the one who came to his aid. They were convinced that it was a hit-and-run, and they immediately called into the station for there to be a track down of the lorry that hit the man.

They studied the scene and took in the damaged motorcycle and told me to follow them down to the station so that I could record my statement. As I followed them down to the station all I could think of was the well-being of the hit man. I was however grateful to God for having been around to help him. Later that night I passed by the hospital and was very grateful to see that the man was in good shape and would be discharged the following day. I was humbled when he said that I had saved his life. The best thing about that night is that I made an ally, one never to forget and for that I am grateful.

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