The Value of Knowledge and Its Application

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Date:  2021-03-03

When it comes to a question of knowledge, should its value be greatly determined by how much useful the information is when it comes to application? Does this mean knowledge acquired that is of little or no application is useless? This paper is going to focus on the value of knowledge with respect to its application.

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In the context of knowledge, value can be defined as the worth, usefulness or importance of knowing certain information. This can be further expounded on by looking at the negative impacts associated with lack of the same knowledge. What is it that we could be missing out on had we not had this knowledge? Any attempt to answer this question defines the value of knowledge. On the other hand, putting that knowledge into real life practice is what is referred to as application of the same.

KQ1. In terms of knowledge and application, to what extent do past events play a role in shaping the future? Although it is more important to focus on where you are currently and where you are going, once in a while it is equally important to look back at where you are from. Looking back at the past can serve to be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Seeing the challenges you faced in the past and how you overcame them is enough motivation in itself to keep pressing on. It enhances your determination a great deal. Moreover, knowledge gained in the past can be put in practice in the present day and prepare you for the future. Once bitten twice shy; so they say and without facing the challenges you did in the past your skills and experiences wouldn't be as enhanced as they are. Furthermore, accurate predictions of the future can be made from past events; those who are really good at this twist our minds and call it fate.

KQ2. To what extent are the theories of human science convincing? Whatever grows above reasons falls beyond it. Human beings are curious organisms who try to understand and explain every single thing. I think this is the best definition of a scientist. As the urge to understand different phenomena in the world, so many scientific theories came about each trying in the best way to explain. This does not necessarily prove their validity but instead proves their creativity. True as they may seem, not all worldly phenomena can be explained scientifically. An example is the evolution theory and how it contradicts the biblical creation story.

The Areas of Knowledge explored will be Mathematics and History. Most mathematical knowledge is applied in our everyday lives. We manage our finances best by use of arithmetic calculations. That way we are able to keep track of our wealth. Mathematical data is used in governing: census, distribution of resources and even in elections involving counting of votes. In medicine, the concept of drug preparation is based on calculating moles of certain pharmaceutical substances and mixing them in fixed proportions. In piloting, speed and distance travelled are calculated mathematically. However, there are some aspects of Mathematics that do not have obvious application such as trigonometry and algebra. To date, I have not come across a real life application of the two. However, this does not make these mathematical topics valueless.

In History, past human behaviors are relevant to the intellectual growth and development of the present individual. In the same area of knowledge, knowledge of the past prevent from repeating past mistakes in the future. Without application of the same, development and intellectual growth would be limited. The same applies to past mistakes which would recur in the future due to failure in learning, understanding the mistakes and lack of definite solutions.

In Science, it is evident that knowledge in this field has greatly enhanced our lifestyle by making it easier. Innovation of machines such as vehicles, computers and televisions has revolutionized the way we live. These innovations have made our lives better in more ways than one and the simple lives we lead as compared to the ones who preceded us can be attributed to Science.

Real Life Situations that can be used to illustrate this idea are the historical World Wars. These wars were characterized by massive loss of lives and economies of so many countries were crippled. Needless to say these wars were so destructive and after their happening and documentation on books and print media, people have greatly learned about the losses associated with them and cannot afford to indulge in such any time soon.

Another example of Real Life Allusion of this idea is in the transport sector. In the olden times, the main means of transport was animals such as donkeys and horses. This sector has faced rapid development in the name of inventions. First, there was invention of the railway transport where we learn in history about how slaves would work tirelessly in the construction of the same. This was followed by invention of vehicles and later the invention of aircraft by the Wright brothers crowned it all. In modern day, the sector of transport has been greatly enhanced and has made travelling more comfortable and fun.

In Arts, application of such knowledge is expressed in form of drawings, paintings, music, and movies. As it stands, so many people are making a sincere living in this industry while at the same time being a source of entertainment to millions of people worldwide. Safe to say, how you apply the knowledge you acquire in real life situations greatly enhances its value.

However, it is important to realize that the value of information and knowledge varies from one person to another. Knowledge about weather and climate of a place may not be as important to an accountant or a teacher as it is to a pilot or a fisherman. The same way knowledge about law will definitely not be as important to a doctor as it is to a politician.

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