The Power of Love in Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Date:  2022-06-06

William Shakespeare addresses various themes in his tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Notably, the theme of love in the play emanated from the relationship by two young lovers in Romeo and Juliet whose deaths consequently lead to the two battling families reconciling. In the modern days, the two young characters are known as the classic young lovers. In the Romeo and Juliet, the love is violent, ecstatic and overpowering force that supplants all other loyalties, emotions and values.

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The first meeting with Romeo shows us a stylized straight view of what love is. This is what characterizes Romeo in the early stages of the play. He postures and kind of holds a cool sigh because he understands that Rosaline is not a type to hit that quick. He feels the girl is out of his league, but he is never going to let her go because of his determination, his supposed love for her. In the first scenes of the play, Romeo appears confused and absent, and this can be observed from his lovesickness. Notably, the introduction of Juliet is at the Capulet's where Romeo's self-doubt and confusion immediately disappeared when he saw Juliet for the first time. This is quite contrary and ironical because just moments ago he appeared confused and one who seemed disturbed. Shakespeare also continually uses imagery of light and dark, and the primary reference to these two is the stars. On one end, the stars represent the fate of these two lovers as they are star-crossed and fated to die and on the other hand, a star show up against the sky of the night as Juliet does across the floor. In addition to the above, the image has exciting and mesmerizing speed of actions. When Romeo spoke to Juliet for the first time, the writer employs a rhyme that helps to elevate the introductory lines of their love.

When the rhyme is analyzed carefully, the readers realize that the initial stanza is given to Romeo, the second is given to Juliet, and they share the third one which helps to create a rhyme. This enhances the poetry and makes Romeo and Juliet appear like they are on the same wavelength, this is a sure show of a pair locked in a love affair. There are however different views of love in the play Romeo and Juliet, but no single view matches the entertainment shown by Mercutio.

Just from his name, we see a mercurial man who is active, eloquent and a changeable person. He is such an exciting character who brings life to the play through his humor, fun, and wit. He is very different from the serious-minded Benvolio. He blatantly advises Romeo to be rough with love in a bid to succeed. His death defines the tragic force observed in the play. Friar's character seems parallel to the Nurse's. Romeo respects him, and he does the same. He counsels Romeo and quickly points the discrepancies with Romeo's love. However, by conducting the marriage between Romeo and Juliet to turn the hostility of the household to real love, he feels part of the misfortune and probably the cause of Romeo and Juliet's death. It is right to conclude that Romeo and Juliet died as an uninterrupted impact of the society hatred in which they are. Their death makes them become vital signs of love. Their love was true to each other; consequently, the speed of their love was incredibly quick.

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Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet. , 2013. Internet resource.

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