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Goblin Market is one of Christina Rossetti most famous literary work. This is a poem which was written during her middle ae. The poem basically is about two sisters Laura and Lizzie. The two sisters seem to have different personalities and Laura succumbs to the temptations and finds herself eating the fruit which is sold by goblin as in the title of the poem. This fruits which are used in the poem has been interpreted in many ways. Some people have an eroticized description of the same where is it deemed to be symbolic of the sexual temptations though she is happily married as the poem comes to the end. On the other hand, it is argued that this kind of fruit is a kind of addiction that she has and based on the real-world issues such that they have their ups and downs. This paper analyses different aspects of the Goblin Market. This is terms of the settings, various themes, the bibliography and historical features of the work and various other narrations aspects.

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This poem's setting contrasts the farm which is summer-like with the tempting winter in the goblin market. The home where the girl resides is a farm which is most of the times surrounded beautiful weather and nature depicted to be peaceful. Here, they milk the cows and work like bees. The pastoral settings represent the good times of summer or the monomyth theory's romantic phase. It is in this phase that the wishes are fulfilled and she can get the happiness that she wants (Rossetti). On the other hand, this setting proves to be somewhere where there are no issues such as anger, confusion, and corruption. The winter kind of city is unromantic full of fear, frustration, imprisonment, and bondage. As such, this the city which is represented as the goblin market. The kind of environment which the writer lives affects here the general view of the world. It is in this city where goblin market is that the girls are tempted to come and buy.

Rossetti tells the story from her own point of view where she places here self directly affected by the events of the narrative. Giving the first point of view she related to the events as the first person. By the way that she is describing the places and what is happening one would know that she is someone who has experienced a lot and can relate to different aspects of life

The symbolism which has been portrayed in this work cannot be underestimated. The seasons is one of the most familiar of this where each season is a representative of many other things. This is from the change in mood to the change in weather. These seasons are also meant to represent the downs and the ups which can be found in the life of any other human (Rossetti). The writer ensures that the symbolism and the setting of the literary work are intertwined so that the readers can have a glimpse of what is happening from different perspectives and see if they are able to relate with any of these. The characters in the poem, Lizzie and Laura face a lot of redemption and temptation in their journey.

There are various historical and biographical reasons as to why the writer chose to narrate the story this way. It seems like the neighborhood she resides in a place which is full of life ups and downs. A lot is going on as people are trying to push on with their lives. It is a place where there are issues but is also just like any other contemporary society where you can walk or drive but be sure that you will be safe. This is the kind of narratives where the author has total control over the reader as they are swayed in any direction not knowing what to expect next. The author would say that it is because of her familiarity with the places and different events the reason why no one else had to give this poem better meaning or even better creativity.

The Goblin Market is a poem which is highly elusive. One may not be able to see the illusiveness from the first lance of the poem but after a thorough analysis, they are able to find the meaning and comprehend proper use of wordings by the author. Through the use of symbols, the author is able to instruct her readers to fit themselves in situations that would succumb to the Christian traditions and problems which are faced in contemporary society. This fascinating poem takes place in an impoverished neighborhood of the Goblin market where many activities such as criminals and crimes take place. This case is depicted when the narrator gives the details of how she feels about the place in regard to the kind of weather that is being described. This narrative is told in the past tense even though at some point the narrator employs the summary style of retelling the happenings. The narrator virtually retells the stories especially when the characters are being described.

The Goblin market writer does not clearly define the implied audience. However, anyone would tell that it cannot be a formal audience which is implied due to the diction used. I guess that the implied audiences are acquaintances or friends that were able to give an ear as she gives the comical ordeal in the time to time journey (Rossetti). The narrator maintains a casual style of addressing her audience, as she refers to the things and places to a large range of audience who are familiar with the setting of her piece of work. Her style of narration shows that she is confident with the audience that she speaks to as she comfortably speaks of the places which she is guessing the readers will be familiar to.

The kind of environment that surrounds the Goblin Market is what makes the writer use the language and gives ideas of the things she would narrate to her readers. This poem highly depends on imagery and Miltonic terminology. It is a written as s response to another poem lost paradise and regained paradise. The similarity that this poem has with the other include the fact that they also employ the great use of imagery. It is a contingent plot since anything is bound to happen at any given time, and are not necessarily based on seemingly scripted events. This narrator is simply sharing her experiences and what is happening is so ridiculous that can actually make someone feel better about their own life. This kind of audience mode is epic as the narrator speaks to the audience generally and outside the realm of the story. However, the characters still have to speak to one another. As such, from the modal analysis point of view, I would acknowledge the character as the narrator but not as the author. It is based on knowing that it is not the author who is telling the story but the character who is Rossetti.

The created narrator makes the poem epic and interesting to follow up apart from the norm. it makes it easy through the modal analysis to understand the kind of things, places and most importantly the people that the writer of this narrative is familiar with as per the issues which are discussed. It is possible to fathom the level of comfort that the narrator has bestowed on her audience.

The most theme of the poem is providing the insight of how people live in the neighborhoods and together during the changing times around this market. She uses things, places and people that are familiar to most people to create a story most people in the audience can identify to. As such, the performance analogs which are selected for this analysis put the audience in the realm of the story where they are not just left hanging so they can decide for themselves. The writer has the feeling that she is connected to the audience that providing for a better plot of the story. This piece of work involves a lot of connectedness between the writer and the audience. One could tell that the poet has a lot in store only if they get to fully understand the reasoning underneath the poem.

In an age where there is a lot of doubt that surrounds religion, the poem by Rossetti was not only meant to revive Milton but also to revise him. There are several ways in which points are developed and the arguments have literary allusiveness.

The poet first introduces the subject theoretically then determines the nature and extent to which the language, imagery, and theme are produced. Also, their function regarding the arguments is produced in this piece of work. Rossetti's poem provides an insight of the emerging aestheticism and skepticism that the Victorian kind of society has to offer (Douglas). On the other hand, challenges the readers to have a union with God.

There is an assumption that he offers the pathway that opens the ways for men and women. This certainly offers a subject of discussion as not all people can be swayed by this kind of message and ideologies. This means that the writer gives are extremist points of view without the consideration that there are those who are not totally going to relate to her ideas. As it can be seen, the poem will always attract endless debates concerning morality and symbolism used. The simplistic allegory gives it a manageable sense.

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