Essay on College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia Programs

Date:  2021-06-17 03:07:55
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Firstly, like any other institution of learning, CMTBC requires one to meet various academic qualifications in order to get into the program. However, for the enrolled students to maintain active registration with the program, one ought to exemplify high quality personal and professional qualities which range from, compassion, demonstrating high levels of motivation, mindfulness, selflessness, and integrity. (1) Besides, other than having these exemplary personal qualities, maintaining active registration on this particular college calls for academic success. For instance, in order to successfully complete a course that contributes to active enrollment, every enrolled student should complete a course with a final mark of 75% or higher. Besides, the student must have met the class attendance requirements, which like the course examinations, is a requirement for the students to process to the next semester level. In the same vein, a student who desires to maintain an active registration in the massage program must successfully complete all the clinic placement levels, unless in the cases where extenuating circumstances exist.

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While Active Registration in the program means being a registrant who is registered in the class that is established in section 46 (a). So as to maintain active registration when enrolled for the program, enrolled and active registrants must complete the prior learning assessment, also known as the PLA. Through this particular assessment. The program will identify the different skills, attitudes as well as the knowledge of the registrants so as to enhance and maintain activeness in their registration. Besides, an active registrant seeking to maintain their active registration is expected to strictly observe the international lifesaving protocols, which usually change after every five years. This being the case, the registrant must be updated of the newest protocols that apply (2).

Regarding certification, for the registrants to maintain an active membership of the CMTBC program, the program requires them to have and maintain current certification in Standard First Aid/CPR-C. This, in essence, is usually a required condition for them to renew their registration. Similarly, with reference to the boundaries that should be kept with the patients, there are various requirements, set aside for the registrants to maintain their program activeness. For instance, a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) is obligated to set and maintain appropriate professional boundaries, anytime they are dealing with the patients. This being the case, failure to observe these limitations may lead to the dismissal of the RMT, from the program (2).

Also, another requirement for RMTs enrolled in the CMTBC program, to maintain active registration includes strict conformation to the programs code of ethics. Among the most relevant code of ethics that determine the active maintenance RMTs in the program, involves the prohibition from engaging in any forms of sexual misconducts with the patients. Failure to conform to these code of ethics may lead to the discontinuation of the individual from the program and also a suspension of their working license.


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