The I Am Clinique Seminar Plan

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Date:  2022-03-29

Room Set-up: Chairs and tables in a semi-circle. The facilitator positioned at the opening of the "U" shape

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Challenges: Training costs, employees' demographic diversity and time constraints CITATION Phi16 \l 1033 (Phillips, 2016).

This training is informed by the need to teach and equip a Beauty Advisor who has newly been hired by the Clinique Company which manufactures fragrance, skin care, and makeups products. The beauty firm has a policy of training its new employees regardless of their educational backgrounds, and the Beauty Advisor who is equally new is no exception. Fully skilled and equipped employees understand how to approach, deal and address the customers and clients yielding to satisfaction on both the clients and the employees with a result of increased sales and increased profit margins. To this end, the Company has organized her training and coaching that will include other older employees to enlighten her as well equip her with the relevant skills needed to perform exemplary in her duties. To achieve the expected success, the training will demand input from other employees who will be requested to join the advisor especially during brainstorming sessions, simulation, attend oral interviews, and answer questionnaires and on the job training in the interest of adequately informing the trainee.

Lesson Plan and Delivery Guide

Target Audience

The personnel involved in the training are a few old employees and the newly hired beauty advisor drawn from the Clinique Beauty Company, an American based firm, dealing with the manufacturing of cosmetics, toiletries, and fragrances. Some of the old employees enjoy a vast experience with the company products and services which will be vital to the success of the training. Additionally, all of them are English speakers, and hence there will be no need of finding a language interpreter.

Some of the tasks involved will be individual or group driven, and such will choose their comfort. Information gathered from the human resource department amplifies a committed workforce with a high team spirit and committed to their services, a virtue that will help during this session. For instance, for the employees to break ice and bond freely with the Advisor, physical exercise will be required. Again it would also be prudent to have intellectual conversations that will help develop the cognitive abilities, especially while holding the Group discussion and brainstorming sessions as everyone involved is confident enough to share their views, thoughts, and experiences.

The intended purpose of the training is improving their skills and awareness in dealing with clients, customers and the products. Those targeted employees are aged 35 and below regardless of their qualifications on training. Among them will be a new beauty advisor who has little knowledge on the products and would pose a significant challenge if she is not trained on how to go about her daily duties (Challenger, 2018). Physical and cognitive skills are also vital in training. To gain confidence to deal with customers she will have to familiarize with the products and interact with other senior employees as well acquaint herself with duties while at the Clinique.

Equipment and Materials:

The success of any training session is pegged on prior preparation from the trainers, trainees and the relevant equipment to be used. Failure to address these calls for confusion, delayed and un-relayed information that eventually harbors the expected success. In this training, prior preparation was made. The equipment required includes an LCD projector, remote control for advancing slides, laptop, and assistant technical support staff if needed. Other equipment will include the specific beauty products, manicure and pedicure tools, facial steamer among others.

The materials include:

  • Copy of the training slides
  • Writing materials, e.g. pen, and a sheet of paper
  • Previous learning material used for reference purposes
  • Trainees' copies of the "TBL I Am the Clinique worksheet" and a copy of the answer key for the facilitator
  • Overall lesson purpose or outcome


The beauty advisor will learn skills to enable her to appreciate her role in the organization and have confidence in the organization brands. At the end of the learning sessions, she is expected to ably conduct her duties, fully understand and appreciate the company products in a manner that she can manage the company single-handedly; attend to her clients in confidence, relate with clients as well improve the company's brand successfully. In achieving her objectives, it is expected that the company will grow tremendously in size, customer satisfaction, and profit margins.

Specific Skills Taught

An overview of the company products and services:

  • New market trends
  • The role and duties of a market advisor
  • How to handle and address clients
  • Recommended marketing traits
  • Marketing 101
  • Develop an effective SWOT analysis in relation to company demands

Instructional Methods

Focus Group Discussion: The employees will form small groups to brainstorm on how they can utilize the beauty advisor ( Krueger, 2014). This will involve creating forums, attend short timed workshops, and field activities to gain both physical and mental related skills. Intellectual skills are easily shared in such forums where all are free to interact.

Interactive simulation and lecturing: this will include the presentation of slides, the learners' questions, and any additional polls. Here, the advisor is expected to go through activities she is likely to attend in her line of duty, i.e., role-playing her duties as is continually instructed on the dos and don'ts. This mainly helps to gain interaction skills and the necessary confidence.

Independent worksheet, i.e., questionnaires both open and closed-ended to be completed; answers to be analyzed and discussed. On this section, the opinions, expectations, and ideas of the older employees are expressed and in turn, are used as part of guiding the advisor. It is important to have the worksheets as some of the employees may not fluent in speech or may be unwilling to share orally.

On Job Training: Senior employees will be tasked to take the advisor on real job experience though caution must be applied to avoid producing poor results that may embarrass the firm.

Learner Activities

For the beauty advisor and the other employees to learn and engage meaningfully during the seminar, they will require:

  • Actively engage in raising 'past experiences and concerns' if any.
  • Pair the simulation training with the current market trends
  • Actively listen to the simulation explanation
  • Complete and analyze all the worksheets
  • Create an action plan for immediate implementation of the knowledge gained

Delivery Guide

The seminar will be held before tea break at the company offices. It aims to be informative, active engagement, an interactive simulation exercise that will be supported by a summarized handout of key learning points (Adria, 2009). The discussions held were successful focusing on essential aspects such as how to introduce a product to a new client, how to maximize the company information on making sales, etc. on coaching, time is of the essence and should be utilized to the last second. It is also important to fund the training adequately though with a conscience that the returns will not be immediate. However, low funding is not guaranteed to quick returns and may also affect the training. It would also be prudent to maximize the lunch break hours instead of working hours. To new training future lessons, it will be necessary for the company to offer special allowances to the staff involved as a way of appreciation.

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Title: The I Am Clinique Seminar

Delivery Time: 10Am -11 AmDelivery Location: Clinique offices

Intended Outcome: To address the problems of organization-client in relation to organizational success

Event of instruction Expected content Instructional/ learning activities Time


Stimulate and motivate

Effective simulation, concerns, and past experiences Discuss objectives

Employee prior experiences and concerns about the company's products 4 min


Present the simulation

Participative engagement

Have an overview of the company products, learn different market trends, client demands, marketing traits, marketing advisory tips

Interactive simulation and lecturing accompanied by slides

Request the participants to share their experience of the simulation

30 min


Explanation and coaching

Giving feedback

Have the presentation and discussion going on Discuss which marketing methods are applied by the company and which will be applied to match the marketing trends and customer needs

A short session of questions and answers 15 min


Check the continued learning

Elicit reactions and feedback

Summarize A short quiz on the " I Am Clinique seminar" to check learning of main ideas

Summarize major issues

Question and answers Should ask all the participants to share what they have learned during the session

Learners to highlight their new do's and don'ts after the seminar

Participants to actively check the instructors summary

11 min

Objectives: Learn skills to the organization's products brands

Material needed: LCD projector, training slides, writing materials, etcConclusion

At the end of the training, the beauty advisor was thoroughly equipped with skill and confidence to begin her work journey. She is now guaranteed to improve her performance and part of the company. Seemingly, even the top managers are confident in her abilities and are expectant of better results. The company will, in turn, increase its productivity, quality of services, attract more clients and increase profit margins.


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Krueger, M. C. (2014). Focus Groups: A practical guide for applied research. Sage Publications.

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