Essay Sample on Pursuing a Doctoral Program in Nursing

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Date:  2022-12-07


Throughout my life, I have always thought about working as a nurse as a noble calling - my interest to pursue nursing dates back to my childhood. As a child, I kept on envisaging being a nurse since I considered it been a service to humanity. My motivation is primarily drawn from my passion for offering patient's care as it contributes immensely towards making a positive difference in their lives and families. It is for this reason that I am applying for the doctoral graduate program in nursing at (name of the university). Being awarded this opportunity to study at this reputed university will be an invaluable prospect and one that I purpose to seize wholeheartedly. I firmly believe that the program will be pivotal in furthering my skills and knowledge in the field of nursing.

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Importantly, I am aware of the demands that come along with this program. Having pursued my undergraduate nursing degree course at the same time as my husband, whilst still having to support our three children by working at least forty hours per week, I am fully informed of the level of time commitment that is required to complete such a rigorous online program that requires full-time study taking 25-30 hours per week. Fortunately, presently, my spouse can comfortably support our family on his own, as the managing director of a local nursing health care facility based nearby our homestead. Indeed, this will easily allow me to commit the time that my children will be schooling strictly to my doctoral studies. I ultimately believe that this the ideal situation and time for me to enroll for the post-graduate nursing program at (name of the university). Unarguably, an online doctoral program in nursing is one of the highest academic programs that higher institutions of learning can give to students. Notably, this is my first time to pursue a doctoral program. The experience that I gained in Master of Nursing makes me believe that this program will be rigorous, highly intensive, and frustrating. Thus, it will require me to put a lot of dedication and hard work. A Ph.D. in nursing will give me the ability to critically analyze existing works that are related with an objective of undertaking researches that will advance the field of nursing. Moreover, the program will prepare me to be a critical thinker with a high degree of innovation.

Despite the challenges, I still have an overwhelming interest in pursuing a doctoral program in nursing. Initially, the research that I did during my postgraduate studies was very stressful. Most of the time I used to be depressed, and at one point I even thought that I would not finish the program. The major reason was that I felt isolated from my supervisor. Although at the beginning I used to be stressed, I later felt encouraged when we discussed the issue with my supervisor. Since then I created a good rapport with him and he a lot of support throughout the remaining period. This incidence taught me the importance of communication, especially with your supervisor. In regard to this, I purpose to maintain a close relationship with my supervisor. Through this way, I will be able to effectively communicate any issue that I find being challenging throughout my studies. In fact, this is one of the reasons why I have considered to take my profession further to a doctoral level. I believe that this program will give me an opportunity to give me back to the community the skills and knowledge that I will gain over the years.

Apparently, I expect the doctoral nursing program at (name of the university) to be demanding, challenging, and most importantly rewarding. I hope to learn and grow as an individual and as a true representative of the university throughout my profession. Truly, I have all reasons and hope to believe that (name of the university) will allow me to achieve my dreams.

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