The Campus Around Exam Time Essay

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Date:  2022-07-06

During exam time, specific unique activities are usually observed in a campus. It is typically a period where almost every learner is pushed to their limits in an endeavor to either cram or comprehend the whole learning material undertaken during the semester. Most learners who are usually reasonably optimistic are filled with blind panic around exam time. Therefore, it is apparent that during exam time, students tend to act in different ways which can be explored.

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Exam time are filled with pressure to perform well despite one not attending lectures. The library is usually full packed around that time and finding a seat is not easy. Students typically take extreme measures to ensure they get to the library early and manage to beat the crowds. As such, people are usually up early and active on the road. On the other hand, the rush traditionally observed during lunch time is converted to meal deals. Students have no time to cook since there is so much to learn. Most of them thus purchase lunch on their way to college and the time taken to go for lunch is spent reading.

Apart from the library being fully parked, the study rooms are also fully booked, and most students spend late night hours at the university centre. Anxiety is usually high as there is stress to obtain good grades. Interacting with students will reveal certain signs of anxiety. Most of them have reported to have shortness of breath, headache, stomach and other gastrointestinal problems. In other extreme circumstances, some learners have been observed to cry, pace and fidget probably due to failure of comprehending crucial content within the short duration.

Learners' appearances in campus have further been observed to change around exam time. Various students are not usually keen on what they wear. Some are even seen in slippers and they do not perceive it to be wrong in any way. However, during other times, they would never go to college in slippers. Additionally, most students are usually unkempt and the assumption is that they are dedicating most of their time to grasp numerous content during the last minute.

Healthy lifestyles are disregarded around exam time in campus. Students who loved to walk to college now opt to drive. On the other hand, some students have reported cycling to be a waste of time and prefer driving as well. Therefore, the parking lot is usually parked very early, and one may be lucky to find a space. Parties and other club activities further reduce or are never held at all. Most clubs also cancel any planned meetings around exam time and set them at the end of that duration. It is evident that they want to utilize all the time reading and to prepare for the exams.


The essay has explored the state of campus around exam time. It has highlighted the changes observed among learners and the activities they usually engage in as well. Libraries are generally fully parked very early in the morning, and it may be impossible for one to find an empty seat when they get there a bit late. Besides, most students are usually unkempt, and there are minimal club activities. Furthermore, learners who typically prefer to walk or cycle to college opt to drive as a way of getting there faster to resume studying. Anxiety signs are also observed among most learners.

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