The 12-Month Product Promotional Strategy of Awareness Campaigns in the Local Town

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The product promotional strategies concern the ways in which the companies inform, remind, persuade, and convince their existing and potential customers to purchase and consume their products. It consists of various product promotional tools which are considered as having the abilities to penetrate to the customer quotas as required. They will then relay the messages about the products at hand, which when they buy leads to increased sales volume and profitability of the concerned firms. For the case of Amigos, a food company, there is the product promotion of its food including turkey meat. It does it by the use of such strategies as social media, radio, televisions, and publications on the print media. Such strategies are used because they are considered to penetrate effectively to the targeted population. The promotion strategies should contain such things as the title about what is being advertised. Also, in the promotion strategies, included are the answers to such questions as:

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  • Who offers the product?
  • What are the ingredients in the product?
  • How can the product help in meeting the consumer needs?
  • How can the product be accessed?
  • What makes the product different from others on the same line?

Social Media Radio Television Publications Amigos Limited promotion strategies for the 12 months were effective as the company was able to capture more markets for products, especially the turkey meat, despite the stiff competition in the food industry. Amigos Limited focused more on promoting its products through the use of social media as compared to the other media platforms. The advancement of technology has brought about an increased number of people using social media. The cost of advertising through social media is little as compared to the prices of advertising products by radio, television or publications. However, TV and radio are the most effective media platforms for advertising products as compared to social media. Amigos Limited will advertise its food products by radio and television at intervals.

Executive Summary

Amigos Limited is a quality foods provider where the nutritional needs of clients are very critical to the operations. The foods offered include the chicken meat, pizza, turkey meat, and dairy products. It believes that customers need to be provided with quality foods as food has a huge impact on their health as well as general wellbeing. The company is less than four years in the market, but there is the great hope of more substantial existence given the approach to the market. The brand came into the market after exploring several opportunities that the current market did not have. First, it noted that existing hotels did not have a good observation of the traditionalism of feeding. The existent hotels by 2005 did not have a good view of transforming original dishes into delicious foods that could serve the nutritional needs as well as making the meals delicious. Amigos Limited faces stiff competition from brands such as Java House and other private restaurants that prepare traditional cuisines. Other factors that affect businesses is legislation. Legislations need to favor the industry (OTTMAN, J. 2011.P 28). Increase in the cost to acquire a license affects businesses negatively.

SWOT Analysis

As a promotional strategy, I would first make an entry into the market by holding Awareness campaigns in the local town. The campaign would seek to make the restaurant known to people who have not yet familiarized with the restaurant. The local radio and Television stations would cover the awareness campaigns of the new restaurant to inform the local population who would not be in town during the active time of the promotional campaign. The other promotional strategy would make sales at discounted prices for one month after the promotional campaign kicks on. The discounted prices of the food would however not be too high since it would cause a destabilization of the customers upon normalization.

To capture the social media market share, social media contests over Facebook regarding the products that are sold by the restaurant. The contests would seek to attract the attention of the social media users who would then request for deliveries from their social media accounts. Lastly, customer loyalty programs would be undertaken whereby loyal customers would be rewarded regarding discounts and even free meals at the restaurant.


The promotion strategy is robust in that it is full and can reach different people from various platforms. The approach can contact the social media population, the population on the ground and even people listening to the media. The strategy, therefore, is useful in reaching a large group of people. The strength of the plan also lies instrumentally in the fact that it has customer beneficence. It includes discounts and loyalty rewards which will eventually help the customers and the firm in equal measure.


The strategy is weak in that it capitalizes the vast part of the promotion in the very onset. It, therefore, means that the firm may experience reducing numbers of customers as time progresses and a consequent reduction of their revenue. It is detrimental for the assured perpetual existence of the business in that the promotions are supposed to bring about loyal customers who will patronize the business premises continuously. In this case, it requires the consistent carrying out of the product promotional campaigns which dent the financial savings of the business, thus cutting on the developmental resources and prosperity of the company.


There is an opportunity for Amigos Limited to expand their business beyond the current market. The organization can develop regarding the foods they serve in a manner that would not destroy their market. One of the opportunities that they have is in the providence of organic foods which are much closer to traditional foods. Organic foods are appreciated by a wide range of people inclusive of indigenous and visitors and could thus be an expansion in their market and consequently, the sales that they make on a daily basis. It will then be aligned to reaping of substantial amounts of incomes and profits, brewing successes for the company.

The firm has made an instrumental view of social media marketing; it has not yet established itself in the most common social media centres such as Facebook and Twitter. The organization, therefore, needs to engage a more significant market and thus needs to have a customer care management approach across social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In this way, more customer convenience will be experienced, and as well, the organization will be able to make more sales as orders can also be made over the social media sites.


There are scores of risks that face the organization while delivering on its mandate. One of the dangers that face the organization is extreme competition from extremely competitive fast-foods providers. The threat equivocally faces the firm since the existent providers may diversify in the foods they provide and could thus throw the organization out of business. Java House offers various kinds of foods ranging from junk foods to drinks that customers like. Amigos Limited should introduce drinks that other competitors currently have. However, it calls for an increased change in the system which can also be costly for the new business in the industry. Also, the other firms might have had long-time experiences in the industry. In this way, they might be in the know of the general market behavior and its secrets, thus capitalizing on them to the detriment of Amigos business which is barely new in the industry. The customers of the food products might have also developed long-term trust in the products of other firms, hence being hard to convince them to them their preferences even through the social media platforms.

Another threat that faces the organization is a change of government legislation regarding restaurants. It is an impacting threat as for legislation change; then Amigos will have to revise its standards. Fierce competition or even closure of the business could experience which would be extremely disadvantageous to the firm. Legislation may either affect business negatively or positively. Legislations need to favor enterprises to enable growth and expansion. Increase in the cost to acquire a license affects businesses adversely (BAINES, P., FILL, C., & PAGE, K. 2010. P 42).

Competitiveness Analysis Opportunity

Having been established in 2005, Amigos has been operating for a long period of time owing to their competitiveness. The organisation has made effective efforts in diversifying their market since they consider that the foods industry is one of the most competitive markets. The foods market is competitive in that there are scores of restaurants that offer the same and hence their approaches were different, every restaurant tries its peculiar way of making the food their offer a reliable brand in the market. The competitiveness of Amigos has however been as a result of their choice of the food that they offer. Providing traditional food is an intricate duty that requires a firm to be fully informed of how traditional dishes are made and how they should be handled. Amigos have therefore specialized in their production which has made it stand the test of time as a competitive provider of traditional foods.

Amigos Limited prepares different kinds of traditional foods. For Amigos Limited to capture a large customer base, there is a need for effective promotional strategies that are in accordance to the 4Ps. It will mean that the food products are sold at an affordable price and positioned for easy access by customers. The amount needs to be affordable for all people regardless of their statuses.

From the questionnaire, most participants appeared to purchase food from restaurants on a weekly basis. This means that restaurant food has a wide market. However, a larger percentage of the participants were of a middle income. Therefore, to attract more customers to purchase the product, fair pricing needs to be emphasized for all Amigos Limited food products. Customers are invited to brands that are well known for reasonable pricing. Customers are attracted to quality products as compared to quantity. Amigos Limited need to ensure the foods it sells are of high quality. This way, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Therefore, to maintain customers, companies need to offer their consumers with quality products.

Target Market Analysis

Specializing in the production of traditional foods means that Amigos did not work towards the general market. The target market of Amigos is customers who are concerned about feeding on indigenous foods. This target market is more concerned with the quality of the foods they buy, and thus their main concern is not the amount they spend. It is, therefore, a target market to depend on going to the future owing to the fact that people concerned about feeding on indigenous foods are on the rise.

From the questionnaire, most participants do not purchase traditional cuisines. Therefore, to attract customers. Amigos Limited need to promote the different kinds of conventional cuisines it offers to the public through its various advertising platforms. Through the various advert...

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