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Date:  2022-05-16


In every corporate business organization there must be communication, the communication mode and media must be well defined. The system of communication of all thriving businesses results into the aggregate long term goals of the enterprise. The communication in any corporate company is usually to create the good rapport between the stake holders of the corporation. This paper intends to review the communication plans and strategies that companies have adopted globally. There are numerous companies with numerous strategic plans but for this research paper, the case study will be the iPhone Company. The paper will therefore discuss the strategic communication plans that iPhone Corporation adopted, thereafter the paper will discuss the overall recommendations of a well laid plan for any corporation that intents to thrive.

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iPhone Company Review

Iphone Company also referred to as Apple Company. The company deals in telecommunication gadgets such phone, laptops, tablets, music players (iPods) and computers and many digital products. The history of apple began when the CEO of Apple Inc Steve Job, requested the company's engineers to investigate the rising trend of touch screen telecommunication gadgets and tablet computers (iPods). Apple is known and credit for the development of the Newton Message Pad, that later advanced to iPhone, which is almost entirely screen. In 2003, Job declared that they shall migrate from traditional PDAs and tablet Pc to cell phone.

Communication Review

Apple adopts internal communication. This is passing of message or information from one person to the other within the organization. The strategy was designed to ease the communication between the main supplier of iPads and iPhone with the Apple Corporations. (Shaganaa 2014). The strategy was to keep the employees of Apple Inc updated at all times. The functionality arose as a result of poor communication after an employee died in Foxconn factory. The employee hanged himself in Chengdu. It has the following strengths, it's among the respected scheme on international trade fares, it is among the best producer of electronic to the masses, has exceptional interface, it's a strong financial generator, avails good customer relations and many more. Nevertheless, its weakness is that has been in under fire because of labor problems, workers receive low pays leading to suicide of the employees. (Shaganaa 2014).

Apple Company applies the communication functionality of media relations. This is the use of media to inform the public about the organization. The information can be informed of mission, consistency, policies and credible manner. Apple Company has been criticized from the public due to poor marketing in social site this has been its major weakness in media relations, otherwise the company has been able to develop a scheme of media communication, on tweeter and YouTube that has avails strengths in terms of financial generations, familiarizing the products. Television and websites have been put forth as among the communication strategies

Apple fosters good community relations. This is the relationship between the organization and the people around it. Apple has enhanced good community relations by developing applications with the green footprints in the website, signifying good environmental feedback. Good rapport with the environment has been portrayed in the color designing of pink and grey color signifying AIDS for the red and breast cancer for the pink. (Diliddo 2013). The relationship mentioned has been apple's strength in communication. The weakness of this scheme is that it did not support the less privilege during Steve Job's reign as the CEO.

Apple has a crisis communication system. This is a type of communication that is designed to defend the reputation of the corporate. This scheme was developed in China when the workers boycotted and therefore a strategic team had to refurbish Apples 'reputation. Major strength is that workers are able to be addressed on time while its weakness is that it suffers from constrain of time.

Apple Company's practices Responsibilities. This is a communication strategy involving creation of awareness of internal self-regulations. The challenge this communication scheme faced was inactive during Job as the CEO of Apple. Apple Company uses website to communicate the state of responsibility rules and regulations, code of conducts of the employees and employers led by Lisa Jackson as the CSR manager. (Dudovskiy 2018)

Apple has a scheme of investor's relations. IR is a scheme in the Apple Company that outlines the strategies that integrates finance, marketing, communication and security. Apple Company has been able to design a website for investor's news only. This strategy has boosted finance and good customer relation has its core strength, otherwise it experiences few to low news updates

Strategic Communication Plans and Recommendations

Apple Company should focus in marketing their products through all social sites has a strategy. The team concerned on dealing with strike she should be employed at every station of production. The communication should improve on the website's quality information, otherwise they are very shallow. Bloggers of Apple should be located in all the countries globally.


Apple Company invests a lot money to ensure that a successful communication strategy and plans are upheld. This because Apple has realized that good and frequent communication between customers and the business rewards. It is indeed confirmed that communications is an essential thing for the success of any corporate organization if its functionality is adhered to.


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