Strawberry-Flavored Pepsi Marketing Paper Example

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  560 Words
Date:  2022-07-26

Objectives and Issues / Value Proposition

We came up with three objectives which we believe would help us come up with specific and measurable targets. Our first objective is to ensure the strawberry flavored Pepsi is offered at maximum outlets. We would like to see our product stocked in all stores worldwide. This will enable our new product to compete favorably with other well-established products in the market. Our main issue in regards to this objective is; how do we get our strawberry flavored Pepsi to all the major and minor outlets in the world?

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Value proposition; The strawberry flavored Pepsi will be the only product of its kind since other major companies such as Coca Cola are still not offering such a product. The customers will get to experience a new refreshing taste that is currently not offered anywhere else in the market. Apart from offering a new refreshing taste, the new strawberry flavored drink will come with all the health benefits associated with strawberries. Our second objectives is to ensure our new product is associated with all the reputable fast food chains in the world such as Mc Donald's and Dunkin' Donuts. This is bound to boost sales since many customers visit these fast food chains. Our main issue in regards to this objective is; what do we need to do to get our new product to be associated with major fast food chains? Our third objective is to ensure the health and safety of all of our customers. We do not want to have cases where our product causes health problems to our consumers. The main issue is; what can we do to make sure our product is safe and healthy?

Marketing Strategy

In order to make sure our new product is offered in various outlets, we would have to offer various incentives to motivate different retailers and make them stock our goods. One of the incentives we can use is to offer free refrigeration facilities to the retailers who decide to stock our new product. The facilities will be offered on condition that the retailers can only use them to store and display our products. This strategy has been successfully used by reputable companies such as Coca Cola and is bound to be effective in this case too. In regards to making our new product synonymous with various established fast food chains, we would have to establish various partnership programs which would see our new product served together with the products in these fast food outlets.

The product will be offered cheaply so that many customers can afford to purchase the products offered at these fast food joints and also be able to buy our product. There will be various package deals which would be priced differently. Currently, Coca Cola is using this strategy to drive sales and I believe we can also use it to boost the sales of the new product. In order to make our product healthier for our health-conscious consumers, we would have to engage more partners in the development process. We would have to harness the various health benefits associated with strawberries and ensure these benefits are transferred to our customers. This would require working with nutritional specialists in the development process. We would then make sure the customers are aware of the various health benefits associated with our new strawberry-flavored Pepsi.

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