Term Paper Example: The Planet Mars in Novels

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Date:  2021-04-09

In recent times the gap between reality and fiction or fantasy is slowly closing down owing to the closely exploits and speculations of humans on the outer space and other planets. Red Mars, Moving Mars, and Martial Times Slip are novels that explicitly advance the authors' perspectives concerning the socio-economical, environmental and political atmosphere of the planet Mars. Humans have revolved from simple speculations of the Mars environment, to actual exploration of space and the prediction of possible coexistence of humanity in such environment in the near future. As revealed in the three novels, the motivation behind such explorations remains seeking for a better and non-corrupted environment where the economic and political visions of humanity can better flourish especially from a fresh platform. the need to reestablish oneself in such an environment after a experience from a messed up world reveals the human adventurous spirit at its best.

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In the novel Martian Time Slip, the life in the planet Mars is brought into context with the immigrants such as Jack Bohlen and Arnie Kot living the earthly employee- employee relationship. The obsession shown in earth for wealth and probably power is still manifest here by Arnie Kot. These exploits and relationships form a network of future thoughts of possibilities for further innovations in this kind of atmosphere. The occurrence of extraordinary acts such as time perception ability of Manfred Steiner in an expended fashion reveals a deeper insight into what life in such eutopic atmospheres would be. The perception of diseases such as schizophrenia and autism are different compared to the earth. In this atmosphere they are seen disparities in the individual sense of time by the characters, and could be beneficial as a means of profitable communication.

Red Mars is another novel by Robinson that gives an inquest into the probability of a future Martian life for humanity. The setting of the novel begins at 2026 going forward. The use of sophisticated technological inventions, a trade mark of Robinsons perception, is elaborated in this novel. In this novel, the passion for power and economic success is emphasized as key to the Martial life. Throat ripping, political divisions and conflicts ensure within the initial years of inhabitation at Underhill. Several factors including the overpopulation of the earth are driving factors that enhance the mass movement into Mars in 2047. The novel concludes by the ultimate destruction of the planet owing to incapability of the inhabitants to implement credible inhabitation measures due to their obsession with political and economic power.

Greg bear on the other hand brings the role of artificial intelligence into perspective in is novel, the Moving Mars (1994). The setting of novel in the 22nd century rules out the obvious human dependence on the use of advanced technology and genetic engineering. The political atmosphere in the new human habitat is also changed as there is a supposed call for a united mars under a single government. The political struggles marked by the protest led by Majumdar against the proposed unified government signifies the obvious struggles that might have shifted from the earth into the new planet.

Greg and Robinson's novels share a Martian perspective of an independent world and do incorporate nearly similar government and socioeconomic systems. A study of the three novels from the beginning reveals a relatively slow approach to the Martian life with a later bust of activities and conflict of interest. Both authors, begin their narrations by building strong characters who are portrayed as revolutionists of the systems within the environment of the planet Mars. Also, both authors address the power of passion and ambition as fundamental requirement in the bid to survive the challenges that come hand in hand with the possible future Martian lifestyle. The socio-economic makeup of Mars is a striking similarity across the three novels. The political divisions, the quest to be right and heard and the resulting conflicts are adequately portrayed by the authors.

However, the real visions and ambitions presented by the authors do differ. Robinson exploits the passion for science and technology and gives important insights in that area as a means to conquer the planet Mars. The exploitation of the human disorders schizophrenia and autism, which would otherwise render an individual obsolete, to come up with a profitable means of communication is grand. In Robinson's view from both of his novels, a new dimension in scientific inventions and together with human creativity and innovation is a key aspect for future colonization of Mars and inhabitation by humanity. Greg perspective on the other hand, transcends the challenges of technology and scientific innovations. According to him, these innovations are non-issues since humanity has adopted an artificial intelligence within them. He views political and social issues as the center stage to the future of human Martian inhabitation. The lack of a political consensus on how the newly adopted planet is run, revives some of the earths principles of action like the students protests held in opposition to a unified government. Robinsons throughout his narrative remains critical of the choice of a sociopolitical pursuit over a technological and scientifically martian life.

In conclusion, all the perspectives advanced by the authors in the three count towards a perspective view of the possible future exploits of outer space, especially the allegedly life-supporting mars. The role of scientific inventions and advanced technology is important though to this effect. The role of political and social perspectives should play a secondary role if this pursuit is to be a success in the future.

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