Paper Example on Uncovering Messages: Literary Analysis of Ray's Change, Alberta & Intimations of Immortality

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Date:  2023-09-07


The use of a text to pass specific messages is a common practice in literature. Authors uniquely use different types of text to hide information about what occurs in the setting of ordinary life from non-intended recipients. To uncover these messages, readers need to critically evaluate the text to predict the significance of a given form of literature. This paper critically analyses the literal works of Change, the Alberta, and the Intimations of Immortality from Ode.

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The Change by Raymond Knister

Knister poem describes the resistance to change that different aspect of life display. Despite the possible changes that various elements of nature attempt to undergo, the process never results in a significant transformation that can deny them their identification features. Although the leaves, birds, and flowers sizes increase, people always identify them even after a lapse of years. In the fifth stanza, Knister writers that ‘you will be yourself, I will find you more, not else.' These lines indicate that any attempts to change ends up adding to the typical qualities of a thing. One quality that sharply defines me is ‘playful’. As a child, I would always participate in Poptropica, an event that engages kids in stories and quests. Even after advancing past the primary school level, my love for movie shows remain. Although there is a slight alteration in lifestyle, I still possess my fundamental quality, passion for narrations.

The Alberta

The image of the Revised Landscape signifies the first alterations to the appearance of the areas that Agricore United put its Grain stores. The leaning grain elevator indicates the rebuttal of the region to change despite efforts from human activities. The structure also appears to be crushing with someone next to it. This impression signifies the detrimental effect the collapse of Agricore causes to society. The final position of the grain elevator will crushed with the person. The author also depicts the attempt to change that the construction of concrete elevator stations would bring. The second set of photographs supplement Mike Sturk’s concept regarding early Agricore. The images depict the systematic collapse of the United Grain Growers elevators, the last one falling in a cloud of grain dust. This set signifies the capricious nature of its managers, who left the old landscape to collapse without making efforts to save it. Today, Agricore still has grain elevators, only that they are now plentiful and made of concrete instead of wood. The management indicates resistance to change to uniquely featuring elevators.

Intimations of Immortality by William Wordsworth

The poem stresses the concept of remaining in the original state. Having lost a daughter, in his refusal to lose his initial jovial state, he declares not to allow the grief to wrong the joy comes with May. He chooses to exhort a boy to shout and play around, listens to the singing birds, and watches the young lambs leaping and playing in the springtime to calm the grief that had to engulf him. He also utilizes the soothing sounds of nearby waterfalls, the echoes from the mountains, and the gusting winds to restore his strength. All these initiatives aim at maintaining his initial jovial state. In real life, the demise of a person makes the bereaved fight to sit in the presence of people who make them forget death. The bereaved usually fight to maintain their initial state of happiness.


In conclusion, all the presentations in the file are talking about change. Knister proposes that peoples' fundamental nature remains unchanged regardless of the evolutions they undergo. In Sturk’s photograph, the person looks small as he observes the considerable impact of the alteration to Alberta's setting and lifestyle. At the same time, in the Kelly Clemmer and Wainwright Review’s image sequence, the collapse occurs instant. In Wordsworth's poem, the speaker invents his initial comfort in what remains after what he loved disappeared.

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