Poetry Analysis Essay on The Love Song J. Alfred Prufrock

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Date:  2022-12-17


Poetry has grown into one of the assured communication platforms whereby messages can be potentially enveloped around peaceful communication methodologies that can be either sarcastic, ironical, or metaphorical. The poem, The Love Song by T. Stearns Eliot (J. Alfred Prufrock) represents one of the profound messages. The author strives to portray the peculiarly tortured psyche of the introductory modern man. The modern man is associated with a bunch of irrelevant but characteristic traits such as neurotic, overeducated, emotionally stilted, and eloquent. Therefore, Prufrock's poem is centered on the romantic lure of a female partner. The personal of the poem is a male lover who is dedicated to expressing his heartfelt love and emotional preference to forcefully embrace the moment while tending toward its crisis when consummating the relationship with a potential female counterpart (Eliot 9).

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The 131 line poem revolves around the expression of love and related emotional effects that create room for a potential romantic launch to connect him to his preferred lover amid the uncertain risks and dilemmas that curiously define the future of integrative social approaches to the different life challenges. Therefore, love makes up the main theme of the poem. Other themes that are expressed from the persona's experiential feelings and preferences include loneliness, society, time, relationships, mental stability, psychological problems, and isolation among other minor messages to the readers. There is an extensive application of dramatic monologue in the poem with an aim to express emotions by finding the objective correlations. The poet chose a unique way of relaying his message of desired love and attraction to an opposite-sex potential partner. This technique clearly shows how the poet Eliot disdained poetic works that focused on the writer himself. The use of the name J. Alfred Prufrock seems to be entirely meant to make the author able to deal with ego while addressing and explore personal emotions. Notably, the author does not recognize the big role of focusing the poetic theme and messages on the personal expew5rteinces with life. Rather, it is prudent to convey messages that portray the reality

The application of the objective correlative technique in the poem is evident from the way the story unfolds. This technique is applicable throughout the poem rather than the abstract dwelling entirely on Prufrock's emotional feelings. However, the poetic implications partially speak out the true personality of Prufrock. It is disputable that the poem could be inspired by the personal desires of the author to review his emotions. However, the poem strives to generally communicate a message without necessarily focusing on a specified individual. Rather, the older age of the character, Prufrock, clearly depicts that Eliot aims to communicate to a wider range of readers that relate with the situation addressed via the various likability and emotional preference from specific people within one's social circles.

Rhythm is another stylistic device that is applied in the poem to accurately communicate the right message to the correct group of targeted customers. Through the poem, the author makes wise use of rhythm to create a tonal and sensational correlation to melody and message relaying. This technique is necessary for ensuring that the readers are capable of following and concentrating on the message unfolding events that are presented in the poem. The use of the intentionally irregular rhythm in the poem paves the way for message stressing. It is evident from the poem (lines 4-12).

Similarly, repetition is a significance technique Eliot uses in the poem to emphasize the meaning and perception of some of the critical factors and phenomena in the love arena (lines 23, 29, 32). For example, "streets that follow like a tedious argument" (8) is used to depict the potentiality of engagement in danger-driven arguments that look forward to revamping the perceptional understanding of the environment that paves the way for the growth and st6renmthening of love and likability between adorable interested couple partners. The key information that ought to be shared through the themes portrayed in the poem includes how to treat each other, the art of loving and developing a personally cocooned comfort for couples to inform the future correlations and decisions that require love and prosperity for the entire loved population. During the communication of the poetic message through a designed flow of understanding and information from one source to the next to empower and inform the prevalence of the subsequent use of emotional feelings and correlation for the betterment and satisfaction of life.

The poem also indicates that love is an inevitably engulfing factor of social relationships that spring from the recent likability and preference as the sole partner to share life experiences with. Further, the male characters have been granted a unique range of considerable factors that choose a lover an adorable activity owing to the superiority men have when it comes to the freedom to choose from the reachable partners. This is founded on the fact that men are exposed to multiple potential female partners within the room. The author compares the male superiority to the power of Michelangelo. As the author puts it, "In the room, the women come and go / Talking of Michelangelo" (13-14, 35-36).

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