Tempting Fate: Everest Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

The documentary tempting fate is a very interesting documentary to watch. I would recommend it to as many people as possible because it gives the real exposure of how human beings have gone to extremes to conquer nature. It shows how the desire for humans to overcome every possible challenge on earth has developed over time and the need for people to explore new worlds has become a reality. The documentary involves climbing The Everest which is the tallest mountain in the world. Its peak is at 29028 feet above sea level and human beings have over time persevered all the challenges to get to that extreme height (Buell, et al. 86-87). Being the highest point on earth, humans have always felt the urge to experience the feeling and satisfy their desire for adventure. Psychologically, being on top of the highest mountain on earth, climbers have felt as if they have conquered the world.

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The mountain was confirmed the tallest in 1856, and the climb to its peak began way back in 1920 where a climber called George felt the desire to be at the peak. He, however, was unsuccessful in his three times of trying to climb this mountain because at his third trial which he managed to get to a height of between 27000 and 28000 feet, he and the crew disappeared and up until today, they have not been traced yet. Despite George's fruitless efforts a beekeeper from New Zealand called Sir Edmond Hillary was able to step foot on the peak of the Everest in 1953 which proved it possible to climb this mountain to other interested climbers (Buell, et al. 89). This film should be watched mostly by people with a high spirit for adventure to act as an encouragement to them that almost every adventure is possible.

People who love to go to extreme lengths in daring nature also should also watch the film. With wind, blowing at high speeds of up to 10 miles per hour this should be an indicator of what to expect to people who wish to undertake this venture. The mountain is so hostile to humans that the documentary narrator implies that one cannot rule out the threat of death when climbing this mountain. Interestingly people are willing to do whatever it takes to reach the peak. People with the desire for the extreme sports should also watch the film because if we overlook the adventure aspect of climbing this mountain, it gives us the idea of the most extreme sporting event that can probably exist.

We can learn from this film that nothing is too hard if we are willing to try it. Though George and his team did not make it to the peak, they set a good pace for other climbers to try it who eventually conquered it. People interviewed in this documentary explain the challenges that climbers face but give an assurance that with the will, anybody can make it to the peak and experience the awesome feeling of being on top of the world. This film also teaches us the aspect of perseverance. The film tells us that it is impossible to climb the mountain in a day because the climbing is done slowly and climbers have to take breaks to give their bodies, time to adjust to the extreme weather conditions.

Finally, it also states that some people's health conditions do not allow them to go beyond some heights; thus they have to train vigorously before the expedition while others are forced to turn back and try another time. The film also teaches us the need for teamwork. Every person who has made it to the top has made it through cooperation with other members of the team who help each other all along the way up.

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