TED Talks: Inspiring Ideas for a Global Audience - Essay Sample

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TED talk is defined as a film formed from exhibition to technology, entertainment, design (TED) session, or a single of its several satellite broadcastings events within the biosphere. TED talks are restricted to take not more than 18 minutes; nevertheless, they may take any subject. The talk looks for charming, fascinating orators whose talks depict innovative ideas which are anchored by concrete suggestion plus are essential to a broad global audience. The initial TED talk conference took place in 1984, and since 1990, the conference has been detained every year (Flora). Among the many TED talks that are available since 1984, this paper will discuss McGonigal's speech "how to make stress your friend."

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Addressed Need

The need that is addressed in this talk is learning different ways of dealing with stress properly. No matter the individual's title or the background, the time an individual has taken to deal with stress, the desire to learn different ways of dealing with stress appropriately is something that individuals deal with and the author of this TED talk understands it more than other people. And this is because, while people were unable to catch the video's part, Kelly is a good health psychologist. She was aiming at making other people happier as well as healthier, and this is achieved by dealing away with stress to live a good life. This has been Kelly's job for several years, looking after helping different or all individuals on how they should deal with anxiety. In due course, the need that Kelly addressed was applying to all people, and she had several experiences that aid her in addressing it. She has been a motivator to several people, and since then, the life of several people has changed.

One of the initial ways that Kelly addressed is the perspective several individuals have on stress. Many believe that stress is bad for them, and they need to suppress their feeling. In the speech, Kelly effectively argued that this belief hinders people from taking stress as their friend. After that, she offered several scientific studies that showed that have confidence that stress is bad for one, an individual can harm the life expectancy of that particular individual (Flora). This idea helped many people to change their attitude they had on stress and begun to accept it. She continued via the studies concerning stress as well as revealed the explanation to this challenge. The solution she addressed was that people should not allow stress to hurt them since believing it is harmful will cause negative side effects on individuals' experiences.

Secondly, she believed in sharing concepts that are worth scattering ultimately to various individuals to take it upon themselves to distribute it to others. From the video look, her first audience was middle-aged people, and by confronting people at this age with anything proving their belief concerning something may lead them to die soon, they will become more attentive than anybody else. About the rest of the people who watch TED talk, it can be hard to address much about them.

Nevertheless, TED.COM is noted as the 859th website that is visited frequently in the globe conferring to alexa.com, and Scientific American lists it as having viewers more than a billion in the entire world (Flora). People may tend to think that talks are watched only in places where English is spoken, but this is not true. Ted talks transcription is available in all languages meaning that every person can listen to them. Thus, this implies there is no language barrier to any person so anybody can watch or listen to them. As a result, TED talks can reach those extensive demographics.

Source of Change From the Speech

One thing that created the ability of the speech to bring changes to the speaker's desires is how Kelly offered herself on stage. She used several body languages, maintained strong eye connection with the crowd, as well as various ways she used to convey her message affected hoe well the audience managed to interpret it (Flora). She initiated her speech with certainty by believing that stress was not bad, and her aim was helping the audience understand that. She later moved to the way she knew that. She had many multiple studies that were done and showed strong, actual, as well as convincing evidence which brought changes in her personality concerning stress nature, even after people taking it to be bad.

Secondly, the time limit influenced her speech. Eighteen minutes are not many considering what happens as the speech is in progress. The audience may take some time discussing the subject, and in all these, the speaker has to listen to them and ensure the talk takes not more than the limited time (Flora). Kelly did well with the constraint of time since her talk took 14 and a half minutes to complete.


In summary, it is always good for individuals to put into practice what they learn from any talk. If they fail to understand the message portrayed in the talk, they should look for video and watch it. By applying what Kelly is addressing in her speech, it means that the one doing so will de addressing the same thing as Kelly did.

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