Teachers Pay and Performance-Based Policies Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Teachers and what they get paid

A teacher is an individual assigned a role of teaching based on professional achievement. Teachers shepherd learners through the education system by helping them to learn new skills and uncover their passion in life. What a teacher gets paid determines the type of work they will do in perforating and transitioning leaners to the next level. Pay inducts a motivated spirit for a teacher to participate in the job assigned actively. The government should invest in the teaching profession to get quality teaching for learners. Based on the level of education, capabilities, and experience teacher's pay should be increased annually to boost their morale and keep them committed to their job.

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The perception from the differentiated pay and single salary schedule for teachers results to both positive and negative outcomes. According to The National Commission on Teaching and America's future, an increase in teacher's pay particularly the differentiated pay will see a positive impact in the teaching profession (MacLeod, 2008). Changes in the structures of teacher pay will attract and retain qualified teachers in the teaching industry resulting effectiveness in service delivery. Consequently, the standards of quality teaching intertwine with advanced degrees implying that years of experience and the level of professionalism determines what a teacher will get paid.

Reasons for an increase in teacher's pay

When there is an increase in what teachers get paid, they get motivated by the work they are doing. The resulting is better service delivery which impacts both the learners and the society. In the same parallel, when teaching profession is valued, it brightens the next generation educators on the need to pay attention to their careers especially teaching business. They, therefore, create a mindset of giving back to society. Consequently, improved teacher's pay can reduce absenteeism cases for the fact that, teachers will be motivated by the allowances given and deliver effective skills to the learners. From the survey conducted by MacLeod (2008), when teachers are paid well, they can participate in professional learning after contract hours and thereby advancing their professional levels.

Teachers pay and performance-based policies

Teachers' effectiveness and performance are linked with policies help in the achievement of academic practice. Some legislations protect teacher's salary in the teaching profession (Jackson, Rockoff & Staiger, 2014). The policies and legislation induce their ability to perform better. The implication of each policy disseminates effects that critically may dismiss teachers if there are misalignment and failure to perform tasks. For example, there is an optimal firing policy which performs the task of controlling the performance of teachers' tasks. The policy can dismiss teachers if they fail to perform better or even control earning and additional salary costs. Teachers are, therefore, forced to elicit good results which displays their role as teachers. Consequently, personnel-related policy controls teacher's contracts including dealing with teachers concerns about their salary. Pay determines the stability and performance of teachers. The policy works hand in hand with teacher needs based on performance and contracts assigned.

Status with quality

Policies set in place do little in demonstrating the state of the teaching profession and quality performance. Ideally, teachers with quality skills have a high professional level and a capability of making informed decisions (Mehta & Doctor, 2013). Good pay of teachers creates autonomy and better performance which result in good results.

Why the teacher's pay should not be of concern

The teacher quality and market are losing value as a result of an influx of qualified teachers with no jobs. There seems to be an increased number of teachers in the profession than the number of employment opportunities available. Increased pay for teachers attracts more employees to the teaching profession hence rising levels of unemployment. Consequently, the increase in pay results to a hyper attraction of more people into the teaching profession (Eide, Goldhaber & Brewer, 2004). There is a probability that, people who cannot demonstrate excellent teaching skills will be attracted, and this can lower the performance and quality of teaching. The impacts of paying much emphasis on teachers' pay will affect both the economy and the quality of services offered by teachers. Paying teachers who are not qualified will negatively impact the economy and the society at large.


In conclusion, the program of increasing pay for teachers has an immutable significance. A contemporary analysis shows that high teacher quality contributes to better performance and student learning. Teacher characteristics have an impact on student performance hence explaining academic achievement. Therefore, despite an increase in budget, increase in what teachers get paid will translate to teacher quality in contemporary society.


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