Sustainable Change Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

The institution of sustainable change is impossible without the cooperation and collaboration of the relevant stakeholders, including individuals, districts, schools and the community as a whole. The high turnover of educators and administrators has been one of the impediments to the initiation and implementation of change in my school. High turnover has made it difficult for institution of proper teaching and evaluation mechanisms that ensure teaching effectiveness, leading to poor results. The proposed change aims at raising the standardized reading test scores.

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The change is absolutely necessary given that the scores have been in the bottom 50% in the state. This implies that the school, and specifically the languages department, has not been fulfilling its mandate of imparting the highest level of education to its students. This situation has also led to an increase in students who have various levels of reading difficulty, thereby necessitating the proposed change. The school has already commenced various efforts towards improving reading skills impartation. One of these is the introduction of reading assessment tools which will be used to evaluate the reading capabilities of students beginning this year (Fullan, 2016). This is indicative of the commitment that the school has towards achieving high reading scores.

Collaboration among all stakeholders will be necessary if we are to sustain this change. It is necessary for transitive procedures to be outlined in order to ensure that any new staffs are incorporated in the transformation agenda. This measure is designed to curb delays and inconsistencies that result from high turnover of teaching and administrative staff (Fullan, 2016). Staff development training is also necessary in order to maximize on staff competency in knowledge and skill delivery. This training ensures that all staffs remain competent in their delivery while standardizing the methods used.

The MAPS universal screening tool will come in handy in classifying readers according to their achievement and skill. Those in with low achievement and skill will be accorded special attention whereby they will be closely tutored and monitored for progress (Fullan, 2016). Response to intervention meetings will also be held with teachers to further test students and determine what specific weaknesses they may have. Such weaknesses may be handled through either re-teaching or revision. The AIMSWEB Plus progress monitor will be used to monitor tier 2 students, especially those who are just one grade level below average. These will be divided in small groups and handled in a classroom setting by the teacher. Intensive teaching and monitoring will be accorded to tier 3 students, who will be handled by the reading specialist. The accurate identification of the students who are in tier two and three will therefore play an important role in ensuring that the overall objective is achieved.


Strong team leadership and communication with administration will ensure that the goal is attained. The teachers and specialists working with the students will need to have the support of all other stakeholders for maximum productivity (Fullan, 2016). There is also need to set up mentor-mentee relationships among educators to facilitate transference of skill through apprenticeship. This measure ensures that the improved performance achieved is maintained even through the transitions. However, the human resource team should also address the turnover of staff to ensure more competent staffs are sourced and retained (Fullan, 2016). Continual evaluation of the implemented methods must also be carried out to determine their impact on performance.


Fullan, M. (2016). The New Meaning of Educational Change. New York, Teachers College Press

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