The Leadership Style in Miami Heat Organization Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-20

The leadership provided by the senior managers

At Miami Heat Organization, the senior managers use transformational leadership. In this leadership style, the leader works with the teams in identifying needed change, establishing a vision that guides the change by inspiration, and enhancing change in conjunction with the individuals who are committed in a group. Also, this type of leadership enhances morale, job performance, and motivation of the followers. The strategy is achieved by one being a role model to the followers in inspiring them and raising their interest towards a project. Besides, the transformational leadership style normally challenges the followers in taking greater ownership of the work they are doing. Unfortunately, this leadership style is successful only when the senior management understands the strengths and weaknesses of its followers to enhance organizational performance.

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The senior managers at Miami Heat Organization have been able to use this type of leadership by serving as role models to the players. Most of the players usually look upon the senior managers in providing them with the right direction and that is the reason the team has remained to be among the top basket players in the United States. The senior managers are responsible for walking talks, a strategy that is admired by the players and other employees in the organization. Furthermore, senior managers usually embody the qualities that they need in their teams. Teamwork has proved to be efficient in this organization since it makes the employees complete their tasks on time and make prompt decisions on the issues affecting the company. Through the strategy of embodying qualities, the employees consider the senior managers as models to emulate.

Based on the organization's culture, it provides the employees with transformational leadership through inspirational motivation. According to Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory, the job is supposed to be designed in a way that triggers one to get job satisfaction. Some of the factors that can make one be satisfied in a workplace to include growth, responsibility, recognition, achievement, advancement, and the work itself. The organizational atmosphere and culture confirm that the employees of Miami Heat Organization are normally given room for growth and the senior managers usually recognize the achievements of its employees. The senior managers have also been able to motivate the employees by inspiring them easily with clarity. They have managed to convince the employees with simple words and their image.

The organization also provides its employees with a transformational leadership style through intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration. For the past years, the organization has been able to demonstrate concerns for the employee's feelings and needs and helped them in the process of self-actualization. Through these processes, the firm has been able to achieve its set goals and objectives. Through this type of leadership, a leader can easily point the problems of an individual of a certain group. The reason is that the leaders usually consider the employees as the main asset of the firm and they associate with them freely to ensure they deliver quality services and on time. For the employees with problems, the organization has been able to train and develop them. Miami Heat Organization's senior managers have challenged the employees severally to be creative and innovative and the strategic challenges the status quo of the staff. Although the senior managers of this organization may seem soft, constantly challenging the employees to strive for high-performance levels.

Levels of satisfaction and commitment among organizational members

The employees have a positive attitude towards the Miami Heat Organization. The use of transformational leadership style has made the employees to be motivated in their jobs since the senior leaders act as the role models. Also, the company has a culture where the employees can easily advance. Most of the employees who have worked in the organization consider it as a place that gives people the opportunity to grow and learn from other individuals and increase relationships in the company and outside.

Most of the employees would wish to remain in the company as it offers a conducive environment for the employees. One of the employees described the organization as a great team environment that has qualified employees besides having an incredible synergy sense. The organization provides room for professional growth since some of the employees started as interns and have grown to the level of Directors. It means that if an individual performs his or her tasks well and on time, then they can grow professionally at the Miami Heat Organization. The issue of rewarding the employees also makes the firm to stand out. Working at the company is fun for some employees since it has a competitive working environment and a team atmosphere. Generally, people enjoy working in organizations where they can be challenged as it makes them strive towards achieving what their co-workers have fulfilled.

Some of the employees care about the organization since it is organized, productive, and provides a family-friendly environment. Also, it provides an environment where the staff can consider working closely with the team players and even coach the staff as a life-changing experience. Working in the organization gives an individual the opportunity of meeting many great people with different career goals. Meeting people from different ventures enables one to acquire new knowledge and identify opportunities for joint ventures and partnerships. Thus, the opportunities in which the firm exposes its employees makes them care about it as some organizations do not advocate for such interactions.

The issue of having a family culture also makes most of the employees to exert efforts in ensuring that the organizational goals and objectives are achieved on time. Providing the employees with better work-life balance enables them to exert efforts in the operations of the company by being productive, having more of 'alone' time, enjoying their work, and improving their well-being. Unfortunately, few employees regarded the staff members as great people to work with as they consider the management to be terrible. They claim that the communication between the manager and foreman is not effective and this affects the employees in a great way. In every organization, communication is a very essential thing as it enables the management and the employees to communicate about the progress of the provided tasks.

I used Indeed to get the reviews of the employees concerning the Miami Heat Organization. From the reviews of the former and current employees of about 38 individuals, the company got 3.9-Work-Life Balance, 3.4-Pay and benefits, 4.2 culture, 3.5-job security, and 4.0 on its Management. Therefore, although the firm is doing well, it should improve in its pay and benefits and guarantee the employees job security.

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