Supply Chain System: Dell's Global Reach and Its Impact on Trade - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-23


The author tells a story concerning the supply chain system in various countries across the world by the use of the Dell company as an example. He explains the different rules of trade between countries and how they affect the distribution and trading activities among themselves. In my opinion, the distribution of companies is based on the efficiency of its supply chain system. However, the culture of the countries in which the company is distributed also determines the success and growth of that company in the country. The political stability of countries, particularly in Asia, plays a significant part in influencing the trading activities of organizations with different branches. I suggest that a company should understand the risk premium in a country before investing in it.

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The Paradigm for Refugee Camps

The paper explores the critical situation that is experienced in refugee camps that the interviewee has encountered and how people respond to them. The article also examines various reasons why people flee from one country to become refugees in the other. I think it is the developing countries that experience a higher number of cases of refugees. It is because it is these countries that exhibit conditions that mostly do not favor human existence. These conditions include political conflicts, famine, and hunger, or natural calamities. I suggest that governments can play a significant role in taking care of the unfavorable conditions. It could be through equal distribution of resources and strategies aimed to foster peace in the country.

Southwest Airlines in Baltimore

The article looks at the various strategies that have been laid down by the Southwest Airlines in Baltimore in a bid to enhance its services to the people and make profits in turn (Oliva &Gittell, 2002). The author has also evaluated various challenges that are faced by the company in the course of service delivery to the customers. The strategies that the company has employed give it a competitive advantage over other companies in the industries. The strategies are employee-centered, unlike the majority of what other airlines in the industry lay their strategies. The strategies, as forecasted, could lead to faster growth of the company in the industry. The challenges of the company arose in the management due to the transitioning and expansion processes. I suggest that the company should consider considering the size factor in the course of implementing its strategies.

Organizing Armageddon

The paper looks at the effects of natural disasters, in this case, the earthquakes in different parts of the world on the people and property and the efforts that are channeled by the emergency response groups such as Red Cross in helping people evacuate from the places of danger (Beiser, 2010). I think earthquakes are more lethal, particularly in developing countries as compared to developed countries. They have led to a lot of deaths for both human beings and animals and destruction of property worth millions, especially in countries like Japan and Indonesia. Earthquakes mostly affect countries that border big water bodies such as seas and oceans as compared to other landlocked countries. States that do not prepare for such natural disasters have ended up being adversely affected, such as Taiwan. I suggest that governments put in place appropriate measures that can aid in taking care of the victims through the creation of an emergency response team.


Beiser, V. (2010). Organizing Armageddon: What we learned from the Haiti earthquake. Wired Magazine.

Oliva, R., & Gittell, J. H. (2002). Southwest Airlines in Baltimore. Harvard Business School.

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