Cultural and Spiritual Competence of Health Facilities Essay

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Date:  2022-06-06

Today, health facilities are characterized by cultures and sub-cultures. Such situations pose a culture issue to master's prepared nurses because they often care for patients and work alongside other staff who are members of a different culture and spiritual belief, which influence their health behaviors (Curtis & Green, 2016; Betancourt,Green, Carrillo, & Owusu Ananeh-Firempong, 2016). Nurses need to understand, harmonize and respect the diverse beliefs and values and then incorporate them into nursing practice to demonstrate leadership (Deal, 2014). They can attain this by developing culturally and spiritually competence care plans that consider the cultures and spiritual beliefs of diverse patients (Yilmaz, Toksoy, Direk, Bezirgan, & Boylu, 2017).

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For example, for a Hispanic target population, it is essential for the master's prepared nurses to consider the Hispanic culture while developing the care plan (Mixer, 2014). Such consideration may include encompassing Spanish terms in the care plan to help the patients understand the treatment better (Dement, 2018). Additionally, the nurses can incorporate traditional health and treatment practices such as herbal treatments that are critical for ensuring effective treatment delivery to the Hispanic population (Timmins, Neill, Murphy, Begley, & Sheaf, 2015).

The nurses can measure the effectiveness of these interventions by the number of Hispanic patients willing to embrace modern care offered in the health facilities (Young & Guo, 2016). Another measure would be improved nurse-patient relationships (Tate, 2016). In addition, they can raise the effectiveness of the interventions by facilitating interprofessional collaboration mainly through the inclusion of family physicians that guide the patients in embracing health care (Hart & Mareno, 2016). Consequently, patients access quality care, which improves their wellbeing.


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