Student's Learning Disabilities in the Class Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-23

There was one student who was found to have learning disabilities in the class; the student is Tom. Tom's disability lies in the comprehension of sentences and reading ability. This disability is caused by the fact that he is unable to decode words as he is reading, he also experiences difficulties in recognizing words as he read. These two disabilities slow down his reading speed and also reduce his fluency. Tom's parents are aware of his condition and have been very helpful in helping him improve in his reading skills; his parents ensure that they have used some of the free time Tom has after school to tutor him and assist him to improve on his weaknesses. This is very important for tom given that his learning abilities are not on the same level as his classmates. In addition to the determination that his parents have on helping him improve on his performance, Tom is also very motivated to learn and improve. Tom's motivation to learn is the most important factor in his improvement because, despite the efforts that the teachers and his parents put in him if he is not willing to put the effort in learning, the efforts would be of no help to his situation.

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The key skills that will be taught in the lesson include reading, word recognition, and sentence construction. All these skills are important to learn so that a student may be able to read fluently and construct correct sentences without difficulties. In order to fully understand the student's disability, I will communicate this his parents to gain more insight into the disability and how to cope with it. The parents meeting will be held in school after classes, in a special case, communication might be done through phone calls. The key learning tasks for the class will be reading, word recognition and fluency (English Language Arts Standards, 2018). To help the children on how to learn, the class will have exercises the require the student to read passages out loud in class. This will help the students gain confidence in reading and practicing the reading skills. In order to improve the student's word recognition, students would be required to state the new words included in the passages and explain their meaning. Lastly, to help the students learn how to construct proper sentences and understand how to use punctuation while reading and writing, the students will be given exercises to construct their own sentences using the new words they would have learned (IEP Goals for Reading: What They Look Like, 2018).


In order to adhere to the time allocated for the lesson each class activity that will be highlighted in the lesson plan will take about ten minutes before the next exercise commences. In case the tasks are completed before the lesson time is up, the students will be kept busy by asking them to provide their favorite novels so that they can be read out in class.


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