Student's Internship and Classroom Experience - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-04


Effective teaching and delivery are one of the major objectives of all teachers. As part of their teaching education and careers, students have always been required to attend an internship within a specific period. The internship is meant to help students integrate various classroom knowledge and theories with the practical applications and skills developed within the professional and the community settings. Additionally, the internship also brings about a broad range of experiences to students, both while competing for the degree and looking for a suitable career path after graduation. Various studies have found that students who pass their internship effectively can perform well when they are back to college as well as in their professional experiences later after graduating. Students who do not attend proper internship programs have been shown to demonstrate a lack of practical knowledge both in the courses they are pursuing and in their classrooms. The lack of practical experience, in this case, makes it difficult for them to tackle the unforeseen challenges that come across their ways. It is evident that the teaching profession comes with a lot of challenges that include the demands to meet student's expectation and performances, the challenges of meeting the deadline and the financial issues related to the personal demand. However, those that attend and complete their internship programs successfully have been shown to succeed in their professions in the later years consequently.

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According to Johnson & Stewart (2000), an internship is a tremendous way of applying the classroom knowledge to real-world experience. Learning is critically important. However, taking those skills to the workforce and implementing them is another major mechanism of exploring different career paths as well as the specializations that a student may deem suitable or become interested in.

The internship has further been associated with increased marketability and gains experience. The study by Johnson & Stewart (2000), showed that having an internship offers students an enormous experience in the field they want to pursue as their long-term professions. Ideally, not only does the internship provides the students with a substantial competitive advantage when searching for jobs, but it plays a crucial role in preparing them for some of the expectations in the professions. This helps give them a considerable amount of confidence in their work.

According to Grus et al. (2016), students who successfully pass their internships enjoy working in their environment because of the prior exposure to those challenges and thus can build their professional network. A study by Johnson & Stewart (2000), showed that there is 1 in every 16 chances of getting a job through networking and connecting people not only in the United States but also in other nations across the world. Students who undergo their internship effectively gain a good environment to meet up with the experienced professionals in that career, who may guide them accordingly and prepare them for the challenges that are likely to emanate along the way during their practicing.


Finally, an internship helps students build their resume. Majority of the organizations across the world demand for the employees who possess a given level of professional experiences. These requirements apply even for entry-level jobs. If a candidate is a finalist for a position, he may still fail to secure the job because of the lack of prior experience. As such, an internship helps students overcome any challenges that may emerge in their ways.


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