The Perspective of Undergraduate Students as It Relates to Workplace Bullying

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2021-06-18

Research Question / objectives.

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The key objective of the study is to find out the perspective of undergraduate students as it relates to workplace bullying. The objective is clear and specific as the group targeted are the undergraduates who in future will be the administrators, managers, employees and employers. The ultimate goal is that these individuals will come up with goals, guidelines, and policies in the future organizations to deal with issues of bullying.


Although there is no particular theoretical framework in place, legal theories have been mentioned to as to help understand the aspect of bullying in workplaces. Bullies in workplaces distort the truth, take credit for work done by other people and also lie for their benefit. The theories of tortious interference, assault and harassment provide a scoping for bullying in workplaces.

The concepts utilized are clear such that one can understand bullying. Through the study, it is possible to understand that workplace bullying is repeated practices and behaviors that may not or may be deliberate but bring reduced performance and a work environment that is undesirable. It becomes a pattern, and the perpetrator seems to have more power than the victim.

The approach is analytical through the usage of legislative sources like the Healthy Workplace bill and how it has been insufficient in addressing workplace bullying. Further, the inadequacy of any legislation in the US to address the workplace bullies. Through analytical analysis of what is available and what is not in policies, then the objectives can be gradually handled.

Methods /Empirical basis/Material

The article uses workplace surveys developed by Ruth who is a doctor in clinical psychology and Gary who is a social psychologist such that they are the most reputable surveys in the industry. The fact that professionals have developed them makes them credible tools of research. Data is collecting by giving the survey questions to undergraduate students. The validity and reliability of the data collected are of high quality having the surveys administered accordingly. The data collected may be limited though as undergraduate students may lack necessary workplace experience on the nature and scope of bullying.

The link between the theory and the analysis is not apparent although the data have helped answer the research question. The data analysis is in a comprehensible form generated by the list of questions answered by the students expressed as percentages.

Results & Conclusion

The presentation, evaluation, and interpretation of the result seem too shallow and underlying factors have not been considered. The theoretical framework is not tied to the discussion and the conclusions made. The objectives were met as through the results, the occurrences of workplace bullying were seen as something that impacts the work environment and a need for policy makers to address it. The main contribution to the study is the responses by the undergraduate students.

General assessment

The study does not have a very clear objective and research question such that the thesis statement does not show any logical representation of the research. Further, there are no tables or graphs to present the result in an easier way. The research work lacks one coherent theory where the study is anchored. As such, there is no a clear link between the results and the theory. With that, it becomes challenging to draw a valid conclusion.

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