Students in Public School Should Wear Uniforms

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Date:  2021-03-13

School uniforms have for a long time characterised the learning institutions. The uniforms have been seen by many as attires that enhance professionalism, discipline and create a holistic environment within institutions of higher learning. The issue of school uniforms, however, has been the center of rife debate with those who are for it pitted against those that are against it. The debate has anchored in the need to create a dignified environment versus the freedom of expression and individuality in schools (Caroll 31). Despite all the debate, it all boils down on the benefits that school uniform portends for public schools. In light of the observable and evident benefits, students in public schools should wear uniforms

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Many public schools have a diversified populace drawn from different backgrounds, ethnicities and social classes. With such diversity, public schools ought to ensure they create a levelled ground for everyone to encourage positive uptake of learning. With school uniforms, institutions can thus forge a common identity for the students. The commonality presented by the attire also translates to share a vision of creating a knowledgeable society for all despite the diversity (Caroll 33). It suffices that school uniforms public school cultivate an environment that embraces equality and unity of purpose.

School uniforms should be made mandatory as they exude an aura of seriousness and professionalism. Students in school uniform are taken seriously as they pursue their endeavours as compared to their counterparts who don't do such. School uniforms allow the student to be perceived for their intended purpose within an educational institution. It also reminds them to act accordingly in consideration of what the uniform communicates to the general public (Caroll 37).

Additionally, school uniforms also enhance student security within and out of the school environment. School uniforms are easily identifiable and thus, make it easier for school administrations to counter security breaches. It has also been asserted that school uniform brings down violence in schools substantially. The previous case of school shoot outs could have been avoided with the enactment of school uniform policy (Caroll 37). It also reduces cases of bullying with students that may otherwise poor dressing choice spared from ridicule. With the materialistic culture in place, students are usually on the lookout for designer clothing other cheap dressing is perceived as funny or plain unacceptable.

On the other hand, school uniform is seen by many parties as a suppression of freedom of expression. Those against it see the policy as overbearing and insensitive to the fact that each student has the right to make choices even when it comes to personal dressing (Caroll 38). School uniforms are also seen as constraints to a free environment that can foster effortless learning among students.

In conclusion, school uniforms as shown by evident arguments should be mandatory. The benefits that it affords schools and students in general are immense. It is outright the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of the uniforms in public institutions. School uniforms can be said to enable education to meet its core goals that of creating a disciplined, balanced and unified environment that can foster proper learning. It also creates an aura of seriousness that impacts positively on the psyche of students that would otherwise not have acknowledged the change in the school environment if they were in informal attire (Caroll 42). Going further school uniforms in public school should be provided by the government in consultation with school administrations to establish the key considerations have to be made regarding design, colour, material and measurements. It is the only way that school uniforms can attain total uniformity.

Works Cited

Carroll, Jamuna. School Policies. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2008. Print.

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