Child Crisis Arizona: Speech

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Date:  2022-05-12


It is arduous to disregard the current happenings that are affecting the human nature particularly under the segment with the involvement of families and the children. Mostly, the issue relating to children safety is one of the critical approaches to maintain a relatively decent society through the context of abuses and negligence by the families. It is not to imply that the families are not protecting the children, but an attempt to explain the intervention that in one way or the other, children are facing abuses and neglected because of one reason or the other.

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Child Crisis Arizona is amongst the best community charity programs that have been served and entering its fifth decade. In the description of the charity organization, it basis its activities on the quotation, "Safe kids. Strong Families." Within its practices, it has been helping the community's most vulnerable families and children. In other aspects, through the description of Child Crisis Arizona most people may think of it as just a crisis program for the vulnerable children, but when no crisis threatens, it seeks to strengthen families and build resilience together with preventing crisis situations. In its formation, Child Crisis Arizona was formed through a merger of two child agencies; (Crisis Nursery and Child Crisis Center). The Crisis Nursery attained the establishment in 1977 in Phoenix, Arizona under the oversee of Dr. Kipp Charlton while Child Crisis Center was founded in 1981, in Mesa, Arizona by the Mahnah Club of the East Valley. Moreover, through the founding of Child Crisis Arizona, the merger occurred in April 2015 after the approval from both Boards of Directors and Torrie A. Taj, made the Chief Executive officer (Child Crisis Arizona).

In consideration to the purpose of Child Crisis Arizona, it strives to maintain that it provides and render proper dedication to creating healthy families together with creating safe kids' atmospheres. On the other hand, Child Crisis Arizona's mission aims at providing Arizona's children a fit, safe and proper environment, free from the neglect and abuse through the creation of successful and strong families. In maintaining the mission, the organization has set up proper programs meant to support the thousands of children and ensure the families at risk are strengthen and the employees maintain proper working. For every action of the company, it is meant to benefit the children and families. It provides classes and workshops, early education services, foster care and adoption, emergency children's shelter, and home visiting among other programs (Child Crisis Arizona).

Since Child Crisis Arizona is an independent, non-profit organization, it attains philanthropic support from the individual corporations and donors and companies which are a significant source of funds. It raises its funds through donations since more than 40% of the annual support is from the generous help. In the distribution of the funds donated, Child Crisis Arizona determines the various sectors requiring the care with consideration of the foster care children among other interventions demanding their attention. Similarly, volunteers can serve Child Crisis Arizona through multiple methods for example; donating in the memorial, matching gifts program, hosting events, purchasing with purposes, among other ways to render their contributions. As a donation policy, the charity collects the personal information which it uses in reaching out to them whenever necessary.


To sum everything up, I would like to leave you with various questions relating to children care. Can you imagine a society where children are not protected and shown the love they deserve? Can you imagine a society where children are receiving the protection together with receiving the love they deserve? What is the difference between these two societies?

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