Students as Stakeholders: Leveraging Apps for Efficient Education - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-21


In an effort to pursue an efficient educational system as well as meeting global ad international standards, educational institutions' priority should focus majorly on student-based applications-given that students are essential stakeholders. The provision of the application will enable students to access universities' services -quickly and conveniently. The application will be leveraged to address different aspects affecting the students, such as admissions, programs, interests, and university news.

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Mullins' Seven Domains Model can be a powerful tool in cross-examining the student-based application's feasibility and viability (Mullins, 2012). Concerning the first market domain-market attractiveness-the number of students, the number of services to be accessed, the population growth rate of the students as well as the possible future population pattern will be examined. In simple terms, this domain will analyze the students' population together with the corresponding services to be given through the platform and access, whether it is prudent to implement the system. The second market domain, market benefits, and attractiveness will majorly focus on the benefits of improving modes of service delivery to the students (Mullins, 2012). The application will provide easy access to university services. In light of the third industry domain, an analysis will be conducted to explore how other organizations are using the student-based application to meet the needs of their students, thereby facilitating competitive advantage (Mullins, 2012). The fourth industry domain, sustainable advantage, will explore the features of the student-based application, together with its competencies and superiority in comparison with other universities (Mullins, 2012). The university's commitment, passion, and resolution of changing how to deliver services to its students are analyzed in the team's domain mission, aspirations, and propensity for risk. The other domain, "Ability to Execute on Critical Success Factors", will highlight the possible issues the university may incur in case of an error (Mullins, 2012). The university needs to focus on the most critical issues, such as academics, while disregarding petty issues like sports. Lastly- "Connectedness up, Down, Across Value Chain"- is all about the university's connection, precisely, the connection between the students and the services offered (Mullins, 2012). This will attract convenience, accuracy, and speed.

Personal-Vehicle Renting Application

This system is aimed at managing different vehicles, handling different bookings, managing payments, and generating reports on the progress of vehicle renting business in different locations. The application will manage the entire vehicle rental business in one conduit, connect customers and vehicle owners in real-time, and finally, increase the reputation and visibility of rental business Coming up with a renting vehicle application can handle all the processes concurrently can mitigate the problem.

The viability and feasibility of this system can be analyzed using the Mullins' Seven Domains Model. To begin with, the market attractiveness domain will determine the number of vehicles available as well as the number of customers (Mullins, 2012). The population growth pattern of the business will determine whether the system will be implemented or not. The second domain-market benefits and attractiveness-majorly focuses on the benefits both the customers and the vehicle owners. The application provides conveniences both to the customers and the vehicle owners. In light of the industry attractiveness domain, aspects such as the business prospects of vehicle renting, adversaries, and existing systems of vehicle renting are put into considerations (MindTools, 2018). The fourth domain-sustainable advantage- examines whether the customers and vehicle owners' services can beat the test of time. The-mission, aspirations, propensity for risk examines the commitment- domain surveys the application owner's commitment, passion, and resolution of changing services are given to both vehicle owners and their customers. The "ability to execute on critical success factors" will inspect the priority of specific services and application functionalities (MindTools, 2018). The location functionality and the ability to process different processes concurrently are critical aspects of this system. Finally, "Connectedness up, Down, Across Value Chain" domain will address the connection between the vehicle owners and their customers (MindTools, 2018). Likewise, the connection of the vehicle owners together with their customers will manage the entire vehicle rental business in one conduit, connect customers and vehicle owners in real-time, and lastly, increase the reputation and visibility of rental business (MindTools, 2018).


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