Stress Hormones Negative Impacts on the Respiratory and the Cardiovascular Systems

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Date:  2022-03-29
Stress hormones impose negative impacts on the respiratory and the cardiovascular systems of the human body in that when the body is responding to a given stress, it causes the heart to increase its pumping rate by speeding up breathing with an aim of transporting quickly the oxygenated blood throughout the body. In the case where they exist respiratory problems within the body of the affected individual like asthma, stress can worsen the situations and make it even more challenging to breathe. Also when the so much pumping of blood in the blood vessel, it can speed up the blood pressure of the person which can result in respiratory diseases such as stroke or heart attack.

Those who are under the influence of stress usually experience problems with their digestive system. In that when they have stressed their livers releases a lot of glucose to aid in increasing the energy as a response mechanism of the body. When this happens occasionally and in the large amounts, such as those who experience chronic stress they may be put at higher risk of developing diabetes. The increased rapid breathing, heart beating rate also exposes upsets to the digestive system and they are more likely to be infected with heartburn

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ZIEBLAND and WYKE (2012) also states that as stress is being responded by the body, the muscles usually contract and relax, so if the body experiences frequent stress, the muscles may fail to return back to their normal states. And according to the study, tight muscles causes body ache. Stress also affects the reproduction and sexuality of the affected individuals as it can cause erectile dysfunction in men. It can affect the menstrual cycle in women.

However, stress has got some beneficial effects in the human health, a sustained amount of stress is of benefit in that it stimulates the immune system which enables the body to fight infections. Stress is also a motivating factor, for example, stress can enable someone to work effectively if he /she is working under pressure the specified deadline .it can also of use in making the brain to focus on doing a given thing since stress stimulates the overall body activities thus improving the brain function.

It has got physical achievements which are met when the body release the adrenaline that increases the rate of the heartbeat which in turn cures the body and make the body to relax. This increase the body ability to withstand any change that may occur. Stress can be used to challenge ones integrity and way of life to monitor how they are capable to handle any different situations that may arise and are related to suspense anxiety and excitement. It is regarded that for one to have passed successfully in all stages of life he/she must have passed and handled any stressful event successfully.

Creswell and Lindsay (2014) continues to say that since stress has got so many negativities than the advantages there is there need for one to manage stress for the purposes of good health. The sources of stress should be assessed appropriate with great concern in order to address them and come up with possible better solutions to manage them, for example an individual that is suffering from chronic stress to book appointment with therapist while simple short-term stresses can be monitored through medication or take necessary measures such as relaxation techniques and exercises.


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