Statistical Package for the Social Sciences: Course Review

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Date:  2021-03-03

The use of a statistical package has greatly informed my understanding of research in general. From the use of SPSS, it is clear that research mainly involves generating a topic of interest, and formulating hypothesis based on specific aspect of the topic that one seeks to study. The next step involves collecting data using different instruments. The data collected at this stage should be coded into the statistical package in order to allow for hypothesis testing. I have also learnt that there are different types of variables. The type of variables collected and the hypothesis generated help in determining the type of statistical test that should be used in testing the hypothesis. Once the appropriate test has been applied to the data one interprets the SPSS output. In most cases the p-value or significance value of the test is the most important since it helps in determining whether we should accept or reject the null hypothesis generated.

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The use of statistical package has informed how I read the findings of a research article since I understand the criteria used by researchers in accepting or rejecting the hypothesis generated.

Think about how this course fits into your residency milestones. Are you on track? Have you registered for your next residency?

This course fits excellently with my residency. This is mainly because statistics is important in research since it helps in drawing appropriate conclusion. I am in the process of registering for my next residency.

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