Essay Sample on Raise Kids Right: The Power of Word of Mouth

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Date:  2023-04-08


Word of mouth is considered to be among the most potent forces of humans and nature. Through words, one can either enslave or set themselves free. It is with this accord that individuals establish the significance of word of mouth in a child's growth. Phrases are crucial in a child's development and can cause positive moral growth. Significantly, a child subjected to negative terms from his parents or the surrounding environment is guaranteed to have challenges in his stages of growth to adulthood.

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Childhood abuse not only entails physical or sexual harm subjected to a child, but also, includes the verbal negativity from the parents, guardians, or the surrounding environment. Verbal child abuses account for 17% of all cases of child abuse. These cases are significantly underreported since they can be challenging to detect and document. Furthermore, some of the cases are made without the consent of hurting the child. Verbal abuse impacts the mental and emotional state of a child and can lead to adverse behavioral, psychological, or psychiatric disorders (Mills, 2020).

The first agreement calls for impeccability with word of mouth. In other words, one has the power to create or destroy through word of mouth. Regardless of one's language, the true intents manifest through an individual's utterances. Consequently, the way people talk to children directly impacts their future growth. If a child gets continuous negative feedback from the surrounding environment, they register it in their minds, and these comments become part of their lives. For instance, when a child is constantly referred to as stupid, the thought and mentality of being a foolish child sink in their minds. The child then grows with the belief that they are dumb, thus affecting their daily interactions with other kids.

Further, in school, the child will avoid answering questions since they consider themselves stupid. The effects of verbal child abuse can be short or long term. Continued exposure to verbal abuse may lead to fear and anxiety, stress and depression, or anger and irritability. Adversely, verbal abuse could lead to suicidal thoughts, self-harm, or assaultive behaviors (Mills, 2020).

Alternatively, these kids may turn to drugs to find comfort from their misery, which may result in somatic violence, felony, and communal glitches. The more orally hostile a parent is, the more distinct the problem. Parents who continually refer their young ones as evil or dumb, end up bringing up children who have a mentality that they are stupid or always wrong. Words spoken to a child are very critical to their growth. Therefore, parents, teachers, or guardians should continually give positive feedback to children to improve their mental and emotional health (Mills, 2020).

Victims of verbal child abuse may fail to identify their concern and spirits of deficient to get away from the abuser. When the victim receives love or affection from the abuser, they know that it is brief, and the exploitation will reoccur. As a result, the victims live in a state of hyper-awareness and are locked in their cocoon of mystery. When the victim receives genuine love from others, they will have a hard time trusting them as they are not subjected to feelings of being loved or wanted. Consequently, getting to trust people becomes a long healing process for victims of verbal child abuse.


In conclusion, it is crucial to understand the weight and graveness of word of mouth. A simple concept can go a long way in bettering an individual's life. Similarly, a pure expression of words can massively destroy the growth and future of a child. Everyone should, therefore, use their words to be a source of joy and hope to others. Expressions made through word of mouth are the simplest way of blessing or cursing. Individuals should, thus, speak with utmost caution.


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