Speech Example on Celebrating Our Hard-Earned Achievements: A Thank You to Our Teachers

Paper Type:  Speech
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Date:  2023-02-12

Hello everyone and welcome to this solemn and glamorous occasion. A wise man once said; 'One of the greatest gifts you can gift yourself at this very moment in your life - is to decide, without apology and to commit to the journey and not the outcome'. It has been a memorable expedition that has involved several parties to ensure this achievement. To our teachers, thank you for willingly sharing your time and knowledge with us. Of course, it is your job, and you are getting paid for it, but your guidance throughout the years went beyond the call of duty. To our parents, thank you for supporting our endevours and showing us endless love as we have grown. School life was not just about classwork. Our coaches taught us how to give it our all while maintaining a high level of discipline. Activities such as sports, plays and projects taught us the importance of teamwork in achieving a common goal, and therefore a big thank you to our coaches and related staff.

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Our high school journey began as children with little knowledge, but we're leaving here as mature individuals. The completion of this level of education serves as an essential platform to pioneer ourselves into the future. A good number of us will advance on to college while others will match straight into the workforce. I hope that the economy will not force any of us to combine the two. As much as we have close to similar goals and ambitions in life, each of us will travel our path. I will give you a heads up; all these paths hold countless challenges. My plea to you is to be ready for whatever challenge that comes your way. Tackle them with your head held high and heart wide open. One lesson that I have learnt throughout this journey is to deal with the little issues first before tackling the big ones. Reversing this order will almost guarantee your failure. Start with a few challenges that come your way, then progressively sort out the crucial issues.

It's not enough to try to cope with life. This institution did not build that type of individual. Our focus should not only be to create a better version of ourselves, but also to steer the world forward. We must, therefore, try to excel in everything we do and strive for excellence in every task, whether large or small. If you look keenly, every personal accomplishment achieved is inclusive to the world's achievements. Your successes benefit the community as a whole because when you succeed, you ease the burden on your neighbour. When you are making it in life, you will be in an excellent position to give rather than take. We do not have the power to inspire the whole world to endeavour for success, but we can try to achieve it for ourselves.

My challenge to each of us today is to do all that you can to reach your full potential. Just imagine the massive effect if each of the students in this graduating class can do that. The future is truly in our hands, so let us, therefore, go out there and make interesting, unusual, glorious and fantastic mistakes. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Let's make the most of what this journey has taught us. Thank you.

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