Sony Company's Communication Challenges With Hearing-Impaired Customers - Essay Sample

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While customer satisfaction is an essential factor that Sony Company, communicating with people with hearing impairment are one critical challenge that affects the organization (Floyd, 2017). Sony Company does not effectively promote communication for the customers with hearing impairment (, 2019). People with hearing are at a distinct disadvantage compared to the normal-hearing individuals when communication on the telephone. This is based on the fact that the telephone signals are considerably weaker compared to what is found in normal face-to-face communication. The provision of the services that attracts customers with such impairments will enable the company to offer better service to everyone. It is expected that services to the customers with hearing impairments will increase by 20 percent. This means that a total of there will be an increase in the number of the online accounts owned by the people with such impairments for the customers' value. Undeniably, the treatment of all customers concerning courtesy is at the centre of excellent customer service.

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The target audience for this creative brief is the customers with hearing impairment. Our business recognizes that customers form an essential element of any organization as their presence may either lead to either failure or success of a company. As such, the provision of services through effective communication has been my primary passion and professional goal. Other audience for this program includes the staffs who has to provide the services. They need additional training.

Organization Strategies

Floyd (2017) listed the three main communication strategies are verbal communication, nonverbal cues, visual communication. Sony uses verbal communication as the primary communication strategy. Specifically, the organization uses the telephone while communicating with its customers on matters that relate to their needs as well as the feedback about the products to be purchased or that which has already been purchased (Blakeman, 2018).

Content of Message to be delivered

The overall message based on the problem statement is "Value for Customers with Hearing Impairment" The marketing problem is the rapid rise of brands like Methods that are capturing the deaf community. The goal one message is to offer a communication strategy through effective marketing strategies that value the need of our deaf customers. In this way, our business will appeal to this audience of new customers. Our creative team has, therefore, been tasked to lead the communication line, "Value the Deaf." This is a rare opportunity to establish a new relationship with customers with hearing impairment."

Tools and Communication Channels

Based on the fact that our principal is to increase the customer's participation and satisfaction within the target audience, the current business strategy will involve the use of an internet channel to facilitate the communication between the company and the team. Notably, this will include increasing the online presence of the people with hearing impairments so that they can be able to purchase, enquire, or log complaints about the various product. The company will, therefore, introduce an online communication platform that will not only meet the needs of the consumers but also address their overall concerns regarding their total satisfaction (Blakeman, 2018).


The message takes into consideration a unique position to make it distinct from any existing strategies regarding meeting the needs of the people or customers with hearing impairments. The online platform will be critical in offering an opportunity for customers to interact effectively.

Metric for Evaluation

The online questionnaire will be used to measure the effectiveness of the communication strategy. The questionnaire allows for different responses from the customers. They need to be tied to the goals. You need to list those major criteria and if it is part of a tool, then cite it (in-text citations) and include the source in the references page. You need to be very specific as they relate to the goals. Example: The interactive training video will identify who needs what type of IT help, what system works best, etc.


Effective implementation of the proposed communication strategy will be made possible through the utilization of the appropriate resources. The use of the Information Technology (IT) experts, and online marketing team will make this possible. Additionally, computing staff, networks, computing laboratories, and online databases will be valuable in enhancing effective implementation.


This project will be executed within three months. This timeline is justifiable by the fact that the company will get adequate time to introduce, test, and receive feedback from the customers about their overall perceptions. Timeline needs to be a step by step (month by month or quarter by quarter) accounting of what will happen from start to finish to accomplish the timeframe and tasks listed in the go.

Elevator Pitch

Have you ever had a situation where a company can meet the needs of all its customers, including those with various types of disabilities? Sony Company manufactures a wide range of products that range from electronics, play stations, and entertainment, among others, for multiple categories of consumers, including those with hearing impairments and therefore allows them to enjoy because the experience is in our product (This is the Value Proposition). Unlike our competitors, Sony Company has innovated a new communication strategy line that will help customers or consumers with hearing impairments to access the information about our services more appropriately, and even make their orders or purchases through the same system. Our platform takes into account the needs of the customers with hearing impairments. It allows them to download it, install and sign up into Frequency Modulation systems, which is an assistive listening device that has been synchronized into our website. Our target audience has found it easy to install, reliable, and entirely inexpensive to operate the system. You can visit our YouTube channel and watch a video that demonstrates how the entire system works.

Rationale of the Approach Used in Elevator Pitch

The primary target audience for this project is the customers with hearing impairment. Studies have shown that many companies do not have well-established systems that are set to help people with hearing impairment full access products and services offered by them (Cardon, 2018). As such, Sony has been a keen observer is not only meeting its needs, but also those of this customer segment. This elevator pitch, in this case, aims at increasing both the sales and awareness of the company's product brand among the target audience. Currently, Sony's corporate strategy involves reaching a considerable number of the customer by creating numerous segments. The senior management believes that whenever it creates a stronger customer base, then the company is likely to achieve a more significant competitive advantage and, consequently, market share. This philosophy is, therefore, the basis for the purpose and approach used to create the elevator pitch. A number of stakeholder's considerations have been taken into account in creating this elevator's pitch. Notably, the message, in this case, reflects the true vision to internal and external stakeholders of the company. As such, it is essential to note that the elevator pitch, in this case, is not about making sales, but getting a chance to provide a good explanation of Sony's offering for a specific target audience (Boni, 2012).

This elevator pitch is tremendously set apart from the competition from the rival companies. Our company is the pioneer of this kind of technology or approach in trying to meet the needs of the disadvantaged segment of the consumers. Broadly, our platform takes into account the needs of the customers with hearing impairments and allows them to download it, install and sign up into Frequency Modulation systems, which is an assistive listening device that has been synchronized into our website. This technique is one of its kind. Therefore, it is believed that not only will it be crucial in increasing the accessibility and awareness of the target audience to our services, but it also increases the volume of the sales (Westfall, 2012). Additionally, the project has been developed through the use of high-end technological applications and procedures that makes it difficult for the competitors to imitate or intrude. Any possible competition is limited if not completely avoided as a result.


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