Solving Problems With Critical Thinking: A Typical Day in Action - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-01


A typical day involves critical thinking and problem-solving to the challenges we face. Critical thinking and problem-solving coincide, and use comprehension, facts, and data in solving problems effectively. In solving problems or making judgments, critical thinking skills are most fundamental. We all use critical thinking skills every day in events happening in our lives. For instance, in evaluating information with critical thinking and for it to be a success, it utilizes strategies like cultivating "habits of mind" that are the intellectual virtues and vices. The evaluative essay will discuss and apply critical thinking to problems and events that are happening in my own life.

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For the longest time, I have been a mature student amongst my classmates who are younger. It was neither easy nor hard; it was just so different, not fitting in. Mainly how I thought and how they thought, and it made a huge difference. I often would be open-minded about my insecurities, like regarding my abilities to understanding lectures or even writing essays. It was never easy being a mature student in a class of young ones, but being independent-minded, I decided to get into terms with it. It was solely upon me to make up the mind of not letting others do the thinking for me of what I am supposed to do but accept the burden and live with it. As a mature student, I was sometimes lonely, tend to think that the younger classmates did not bear the same reasoning as I did. Also, the young ones often secluded themselves with the opinion that they are the most creative. However, it is undeniable young students seem more creative since they possess a more active imagination. As a mature student, my intellectual courage gave me the idea that I was not creative like the young ones. Although, I thought my creativity was engrossed in solving problems unlike for these young ones who their creativity was based on fun. For example, one time, we had an art lesson whereby we had to draw. The young ones in the class had a number do excellent drawings and were sharing their artwork, including those even with poor drawings, and no one would laugh at their artwork. My case was different since immediately I had shared my art piece the whole class even before viewing it had commenced laughing at me. I was so angry they were laughing at me, but as a rational thinker, I was not quick to react. As a mature student, the intellectual virtues of rationality ensured I could be sensible and understand that they are young ones and just let go of the situation.

On the other hand, it is a vice as dogmatism that has some thinkers not consider adults as also tech-savvy. Mostly as adults, we are regarded that technology in our world is pervasive. I being a mature student, it was not one of my worries that young students are mostly considered tech-savvy. I found it as usual, and to become as these young students; I would most times befriend them to learn more from them. Curiosity at most times resulted in me becoming technologically informed like these young ones. The idea is that these young kids tend to be exposed to technology these days from an early age, making them digital natives (Martinez, & Harper, 2008). Our every day has proven to encompass much technology ranging from everyday lessons involving the use of either tablets or computers. I remember my first time in college in an anatomy class; we had to use laptops. Our lectures included the use of laptops to read out the softcopy notes the lecturer had handed. I did have a computer of my own, but opening up the document in pdf format was a problem. I did not beat up myself for not knowing; however, I took the initiative to consult my classmate on how it is done. The classmate was so full of arrogance, asking how a mature student like me can fail to know that, they laughed at me. I became perspective to defend my opinion that we of older generations tend to be slow in how we absorb information concerning technology, unlike the young people. In this situation, it is the critical thinking concept of pespectiveness that freed me from being regarded as not knowing at all due to ignorance.

As a mature student, I was nervous fitting in, but being an open-minded person, it has been helpful. I viewed things from the perspective of these young minds when working together in class. It helped me become ambitious and diligent as them; I saw without bias that the young students, not all seem distracted, but some handled their academics thoughtfully. I emulated these young minds and began working together, like handling assignments in groups with them and involving them in group tasks we had outside class. It helped me in learning a lot from these ambitious minds who seem to strive for individualism and creativity in improving their academics (Burstein, 2013).

Ultimately, in the future, I am aspiring to join the military after graduating, and I hope I can apply the knowledge I gained from college to my future endeavors. I will be open-minded and always be ready to consider other people's ideas or theories. In considering others' opinions or claims, even if it challenges my beliefs, it would greatly help me in accepting that there is the likelihood of finding merit in different ways on how we deal with situations at hand. Also, with my career aspirations of being in the military, I will have learned how to be a hard worker and diligent person avoiding lazy shortcuts. It would automatically ensure I maintain a good reputation at work to enabling me even get promoted at work to higher military ranks. My future endeavors would, most times require intellectual courage to handle situations in the military. Intellectual courage is a virtue I hope to apply in the military to face up arguments, stand up for what I belief, admit to mistakes, and trust in oneself. However, of significant this virtue is to my endeavors, I will have learned that sometimes I will have to act in ways that may expose me to personal risks. Choices have consequences; my knowledge from college will help me be rational and apply critical thinking skills at all times in events in the military. I will be able to use valid deductions and strong inductions to make a judgment. Alternatively, I will be able not to be arrogant to my fellow staff in the military but be a good listener of other people's perceptive.


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