Should Students Take a Gap Year? - Argumentative Essay

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Date:  2022-12-13


Some students choose to take a break between their senior year of high school and post-secondary school education or between their undergraduate studies and grade schools. This is commonly referred to as a gap year. Taking a gap year has been a topic of discussion for the same time. Occasionally , parents encourage their child to take the much-needed break. Conversely,other parents feel that it will deter their student from continuing their education. In my opinion, students can benefit in many ways by taking a gap year between high school and post-secondary education. First,a gap year promotes increased maturity that will better prepare the students for their studies once they return to school, next it can allow those students who suffer from burnout during high school to recharge and gain focus. Finally, the student can learn essential real-life experience whether it be traveling abroad or joining the workforce at home. Regardless of what the student chooses to do with their time off from school, it will be beneficial to their future endeavors.

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When students are given a gap year before joining the university, it provides room for the student to have more time to plan on what a student wants to pursue in the university. With this period the student will be able to gather information concerning the requirements for the exciting course, the student also can also attend career talks and seminars to be prepared to face the life the student is going to meet in the university. Within this period the student will get skills building and also leads to an increased self-awareness where opportunities for exchange of culture are available which helps in monitoring, and evaluation of self-interactions with colleagues hence resulting to an extrovert kind of student when one joins the university.

The gap helps a student in the social aspects, for instance, the language skills of a student can be improved while he or she is having this time while overseas, he or she can have an opportunity to learn a second language. As a result, the student becomes more integrated socially in the country he or she is gapping in and will have a wide range of interaction with individuals from different regions. These skills acquired will make the student have better communication skills at the university or other university-related activities such as assignments in terms of projects.

A gap year makes the student flexible and have control on how he or she manages the day to day time and activities.the student gets power on how the time he or she has is spent ber it daily or weekly.the student can account on how he or she spent the time that he or she had.this gap also gives the student plenty time for trips of their choice. Hence this mechanism is refreshing and endowing and allows the student to have time to explore themselves and their new atmospheres in a lesser restricted setting.

This gap year helps the learner to have a life experience, for instance, meeting new people, visiting new places with different cultures and other encounters that a student would not have gotten if he or she would have moved directly from high school joining the tertiary level of education .these instances will help personally, give room for expansion of knowledge and one will also learn more about oneself through this period .

A gap year results in improved academic performance of the student while at the university. Students who have taken a gap year tend to perform better than their counterparts who did not have this chance. since a gap year is a demonstration of self-assurance, answerability and self-drive toward success. Gap students usually demonstrate a higher GPAs and because they are additionally established and determined they become more involved in the university.

A gap year offers room for the student to do reflection personally. At times the school can be fast-paced and competitive thus no place for the student to have a thought on his or her goals so that the student can have a better design of their desired goals and ambitions. Majorly the high performing learners who have not had time to think. This gap year gives the learner, mental space to make a decision which career an individual want to pursue and if it suits your you before investing it in terms of money, time and energy. For instance, the student can have a reflection whereby he or she may ask oneself questions such as do I want to become a surgeon or a pilot or a teacher? , do my results qualify for that particular course? or instead, what is the duration of the course I want to pursue?.

The gap year gives room for the students to prepare for progress school.if a student has an intention to continue or have an advancement in his or her education for instance in programs such as medicine, law, nursing and vertinary to mention a few of other careers, the student may ask for a gap year program from their institution during or after university and this makes a student gain exp[etrience to make an improvement on their advance school request and knowledge.

With a gap year, a student will be able to build a stronger university application. Some students after finishing their high school level of education may apply for some course in the university some of these applications require to be improved in some areas, a gap year is a sufficient time for the student to focus .if a student have a feeling that he or she do not have adequate involvement with the society the student can, in turn, use this gap year in building these experience.

A student can use the gap year before joining the university to earn money. College life is not accessible mainly to the students who have just finished high school where they were being provided with everything from meals to clothing . Paying of college education can be so tiresome and of a burden to the family's finance.looking for a job and saving part of the income is an excellent idea for a student who is staying with his or her parents since they incur little or no expenses at all.with the savings that the student has made during the gap year will sustain the student while in the university for sometime before relying to the parents for support. Similarly, exhaustion of high school and a desire of the student to find out who they are is another reason why students should take a year gap between high school and university education. also, the gap allows the students' motivation and interest to be renewed after they have completed their high schools before joining the university

The year gap allows the students to own their education , majority of the youths go through high school education with man mentality that they will eventually make it to the university or college and graduate.the students, are not doing it at their wish since that is what the entire community expects every student to go to tertiary level of education in order to become a fit member in the society. often students who have not had a gap year usually get enrolled in the university without a focus of pursuing their dream career but to enjoy the free time that they have from their parents and guardian who might be strict to them.however the students who had a gap year off from school environment usually get enrolled in the university having understood the reason whyn they are in the university and work hard to achieve their dream career.

A gap year allows a student to meet and make a new friend in a noneducational setting and these friends end up becoming long life friends. After the high school life the majority of friends lose touch with each other due to geographical separation where some students might go upcountry or even travel abroad.having the gap year helps a student to form long-lasting friendships.


In conclusion, there are many benefits for a student who have taken a gap year before joining the university .the benefits are not just for battering the student at a personal level but also the transformation of a student to be an all-around character. The benefits are as elaborated above.

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