How Historians Have Interpreted the Speech Essay

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Following the constant attack and the will to liberate Palestine's from the tyrannical rule of the Muslims, Clermont Urban addressed enormous crowd in aid of the Greek and a copy sent to the pope upon interpretation (Whitemore et al. (2018). It is imperative to note that, the original account the speech was not preserved to date, though several interpretations by some authors tend to explain the content and the context under which the speech is based. Significantly, the in-depth analyses on how different authors have since then interpreted the statement do vary greatly depending on the style recommended by the interpreter. Notably, the main content in the original version by Clermont Urban which focuses on the deliverance of Palestine's from the cruel hand of Muslims captured by all the texts interpreted through the context varies greatly. Imperatively, Fulcher of Chartres adopted as understandable and straightforward biblical approach while Robert the Monk purely invested adopted the Elizabethan English but in the biblical context among the other interpreters (Whitemore et al. (2018).

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The Position of the Historians and Nature of Their Interpretation

The interpretation by various historians seems to vary depending on style and the context upon which the examination conducted. According to Fulcher of Chartres interpretation, it looks a little different compared to the other historians. Because the plea to free Palestine's from the bondage of the Muslims was to be approached based on the biblical context (Resnik 2011) imperatively, the tradition to adopt peaceful coexistence obtained on the peace which is granted by the grace of God upon the people whom he loves. The version portrays a setting from Jerusalem based on the diction and the language used in conveying the message as per the interpretation. On the second account, Robert the Monks interpretation also capture the need to seek assistance since the innocent people of God were being molested, tortured and even subjected to painful death based on their religion. Interestingly, Monks interpretation tends to vary significantly from the others since its reflection reveal he captures vivid account indicating he was present at the point Clermont was giving the speech. In his arguments, he affirms that the right of the church still plays a vital role in ensuring a peaceful coexistence in the entire society. Similarly, The Gestalt Version, as well as Version of Baldric of Dol versions upon the interpretation, still captured the primary concern of the original version but both pledge revenge once the sought refuge from the other states (Resnik 2011).

Personal interpretation

The children of God whom he loves I Urban, plead with you on the grace of God through his mercy, that all of us as envoys of Christ should struggle to save fellow brethren's from the cruel hands of destroyers which Is not in accordance to Gods teachings. So the almighty God whom has chosen you from the flock to preach humanity rewarded as per the biblical teaching in eternity. Ideally, tend to comply with the interpretations of the other historians they all captured the core idea which is to join hands together to help free Palestine's from the periodic torture and murder of the Christian.

Intellectual, Ethical and Professional Issues

Significantly, for useful interpretation the historian must take into account the linguistically approach to relay the information to the audiences without encountering the barriers (Sattler et al. 2008)On the other hand, the ethical concerns to be placed into consideration by most historians entails precise communication based on the principle of respect, justice and beneficence, besides, the professional interpretation one ought to identify the source and the target language and an expert level. The level of knowledge which includes one's personal history, culture and educational background forms a vital element for the practical interpretation of the text. In summary, the intellectual, ethical as well as professional competencies are the key contributors to the useful description (Sattler et al. 2008).

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