Service to Others: The Reserve Officer Training Corps. Essay Sample.

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Date:  2021-06-01

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a critical Army program aimed to teach high school students valuable lessons search as character education, leadership skills, diversity, and personal achievements. The program is incorporated into the army and the high school administrations and fosters in creating a suitable, peaceful, disciplined, and a constructive environment for learning. The annual competition is designed to evaluate the development program and help cadets to assimilate their JROTC curriculum. The competitions among the cadets are significant in ensuring that new cadets are fully assimilated into the program and that they get leadership positions within the Army. The JROTC curriculum is mainly taught by retired army personnel who are employed by high school administrations.

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The program has numerous advantages in the society as it helps to promote integrity levels in the community. Personal accountability is a vital trait in erasing cases of integrity issues such as corruption and unethical behaviors. Through the program, people have been urged to contribute to national and universal development through the appraisal of high integrity values and personal accountability. Thus, the program leads people to work as teams in various aspects to realize success and enhancing the political, social, and economic aspects of the society. Students who have undergone the curriculum tend to be more responsible in their daily activities.

The program helps to prepare high school graduates to be more productive and to excel in their career paths. Since the program is based on better leadership skills, it helps students to relate well with others and to boost their confidence. Having confidence is important for people to express their feelings and ideas better without the fear of victimization. The program has helped to create better citizens over the years, for instance; students are taught the simplest things such as tying a tie, observing personal cleanliness and being each other's keepers. This plays a significant role in curbing cases of bullying in schools, thus; preventing potential bullies from acting rogue against their fellow students.

Through the program, students learn essential decision-making skills, hence; they are capable of making decisions that will positively impact the social and physical health of their counterparts. One of the purposes of the army is to ensure the social wellbeing of their countrymen and women, thus; the program creates a population that is caring to each member's wellness. Hence, in the event of a tragedy; people come together to assist the affected lot and uphold human dignity. Mostly, students who have undergone the program will readily join rescue teams such as the Red Cross Society since they are aware of the importance of offering assistance to the needy people in the society.

Conclusively, the program promotes service to others in various forms mentioned above; hence, it is an important tool in promoting a better society. Parents, students, teachers, and other respective parties should embrace and support the curriculum for the well-being of the society. The global community should, therefore, value the role of militaries and other service organizations such as rescue teams for the important roles that they play to ensure that human dignity, integrity, and other important values are restored in the society.

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