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Date:  2021-03-15

In college, I was an advocate for long life and a team leader for providence of care to children. Being the leader of the group, I was responsible for providing care on a daily basis and supervising the other team members on how they care for the children with special needs. I also maintained regular communication with the parents and=d healthcare providers in ensuring that the children receive the best care that they are entitled to. I assisted with occupational and speech therapy exercises as I engaged with the children.

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I recently took part in a voluntary exercise at Accounting Aid Society as a volunteer tax preparer and also volunteered as an assistant teacher at St. George Church, where I offered assistance and care to school aged children.

During my period as a learner, I am proud of a few accomplishments I have achieved. First, I am proud that I have acquired strong technical skills which include MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel (VLookups and Pivot Tables), and QuickBooks. I have also acquired very strong skills in communication as I speak fluently in English, Arabic and Chaldean. In addition to that, I am also proud that I have full academic familiarity with Accounting such as AP, AR, Bank Reconciliations, General Ledger, SOX, GAAP, FASB, TAX Audit, Balance Sheet and Income Statements.

I will be graduating from Walsh College with a Bachelor of Accountancy in December, 2016. I am very proud of this accomplishment because of the tireless effort I put in my studies. Additionally, I had to work effortlessly in order to fund and sustain my study in college.

I am very goal-oriented and for that matter, I have set some goals that I have to accomplish during the next five years. Immediately after I obtain my Bachelor of Accountancy in December 2016, I will enroll for Certified Personal Accounting, which I will work extra hard to ensure that I excel with the first attempt. Later on, I will enroll at Walsh College for my master program. I will study Master of Auditing. When I successfully complete the master program, I will find a job and work as a full-time public auditor at the firm. In order to successfully accomplish all my professional goals in the next five years, I need to focus on my studies, fully. So as to have the time to study effectively, the scholarship will be a great forum for me to concentrate only and entirely on my studies.

Apart from being a student, I also have to work part-time so that I can be able to afford the educational expenses which are very high, while still catering for my daily expenses such as clothing, shelter and food. I am a very ambitious person as I would like is to graduate with a very high GPA, so that I can acquire a decent and well-paying job. I am also highly motivated, determined at the same time focused. All my efforts are so that one day, I may be able to contribute towards a better society and become a better profession myself. This scholarship is very significant to me, as it will be of great aid to most of my educational expenses. It will also give me an ample time to totally focus on my studies, so that I can be able to realize my full potential towards becoming a great professional in future.

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