Essay Example on Nurturing Young Minds: Unlocking Brilliance in Kids Ages 2-8

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Date:  2023-04-09


Watching children, especially small kids at the age of 2 to 8 years, will give you the accurate picture of millions of talents overwhelming the humble and brilliant soles. This gives the core duty of nurturing the unseen fortunes in young great and brilliant minds. The core duty of a parent is only to nurture and takes care of the creativity in those young brains. The early encouragement during their old days is only appreciated during their maturity ages and upon the parents to burn up, blow up, and as well as dismantle up the steam toys in them. Toys in the life of a kid play a very critical role, which is irreplaceable and undisputed the best experience in the presence of a kid. Below is an in-depth analysis of a toy and its significant role in the presence of a kid between 2-12 years of growth development.

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The Phero RVR Toy

This is a fun and cute toy to drive by a kid of twelve years and below and most suitable for two years' kid uses it to encourage to the bed. It was super and unique colored surfaces and a ring, which makes it appear to be musical, although it is not indeed, which makes the kid feel as if he/she is an amateur DJ. It has a vast form of entertainment for the kid since the tap on any color possesses a sound, which makes it more attractive. The toddlers find this type of toy to be more entertaining and more beautiful (Burman,2016).

This kind of toy fulfills behavioral theory of development in a stage which in most a time is affected or else influenced by environment, behavior, and some behaviors of association and reinforcement in this stage the child growth are majorly affected by observable and quantifiable behaviors which helps the kid to be more efficient on their doings. In this development of a kid is referred to be a counteraction on the aim to punish, reward, stimuli response, or reinforcement (Burman, 2016).

The phero RVR toy helps the kid or else the toddler to develop on the cognitive domain due to the ability of the kid to pay attention to the moves of the gadget as well as enhancing the creativity and ability to have beautiful memories. The development of memories helps the two-year toddler to understand the surrounding, which is another way it can help the kid grow social emotionally and less of language development since they try to communicate (Keenan et al. 2016). This toy is majorly designed as a car possessing different sounds and colors.

The toy has an application, which is music enabled with musical rings, which creates sound loops, as it also can play music for any level skill of human categories not limited to kids only. The toy is designed as a car with different colors. It sounds it is therefore intended to produce different sounds on pressing of different colors (Singer, 2017). This will need the kid to must the intensity required to push to give the favorite music to the kid hence enhancing the social development domain in having the memories. Mastering the colors helps the kid to be able to communicate with his/her inner sense of the colors to press to have a desirable impression. The toy is made of different, attractive colors and the ability to produce different sounds hence making it so appealing to the toddler.

The toy is built technologically such that it mimics the digital drums and keyboards, which help it to play several numbers of music, even a piece of creating music. This feature helps the toy to be secure when in use and helps the kid to enjoy the play to the fullest. This is because it is built with silicon, which is highly durable and can withstand numerous and countless taps by the toddlers and composition.


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