Scholarship for Environmental Economics Student Application Letter

Paper Type:  Application letter
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  525 Words
Date:  2022-02-17

I'm currently a student pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Environmental Economics and I'm hoping to graduate in 2020. I come from a small town where the state of the environment is deteriorating daily, due to insufficient environmental awareness and inability to manage solid, liquid and gaseous wastes. These have resulted in an outbreak of water-borne diseases like cholera and respiratory illnesses, which affect a more significant number of people in the town. This experience made me interested in pursuing an environmental degree, in exploring matters to do with the environment and how to address environmental issues. I have been able to manage solid wastes within the college compound, and continuously written reports to guide the administration on how to handle liquid and gaseous wastes.

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My aspiration in life is to work in Environmental protection Agency (EPA) to assist in conserving and protecting the natural environment and enhance human health by exploring the effects of and mandating the restriction of using pollutants. My desire also is to be involved in regulating the distribution, use, processing and manufacturing of chemicals and other types of contaminants. Besides, I am concerned with determining the standard limits for chemicals and types of pollutants in animal feed, food and water. Through working in the agency, it will be my gladness to enforce the environmental regulations through sanctions and fines to avoid ignorance on ecological issues. In addition, I am concerned with the introduction of programs that encourage environmental stewardship, pollution prevention, water and air quality, energy efficiency and sustainable growth.

Another aspiration in life is to become an environmental professor to create environmental awareness through teaching and publications. I am hoping to achieve this through guiding on various strategies of environmental sustainability such as recycling, encouraging people to be recycling and purchasing products made with materials that can be recycled. Another approach is informing them on the importance of growing individual gardens to help minimize the carbon footprint that in turn, decreases the negative environmental impacts. It is also my desire to inform people about ways to the efficient means to reduce waste through reusing and reducing waste, which can play a critical role in reducing pollution, minimize carbon footprint, conserve natural resources and minimize global environmental impact. I am also interested in educating people on the way in which the various waste accumulates in the body and the adverse effects of those wastes in the body. I would wish to inform them on how to manage them to avoid such incidences.

This scholarship will help me to achieve my academic aspirations of attaining higher levels of learning, which will help me to gain technical expertise in addressing various issues in society. The scholarship will also help me in research and development and integrate the findings to the current technology. It will also help me to interact and collaborate with people from other countries in the world, and this will assist in exploring different talents that will help in addressing various issues in different sectors. The scholarship will also help me to broaden collaboration through student exchange programs, which is attained by involving students from different universities from different nations.

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