Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 in Education Research Example

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Date:  2022-05-09


Saudi Arabia is an oil producing country that has chosen to diversify its activities, amongst which is the development of education sector. It has thus conceived a vision 2030 blueprint regarding the development of the education system. This essay has mainly focused in research aimed at finding how the school principals in this country can help in the improvement of teachers' performance as well as the development of education in a bid to achieve the preset goals of vision 2030. It starts in the first paragraph where there is a highlight of the significance of the study. The main aim is on findings how the school principals can improve the performance of teachers to confirm the technology-based education system envisioned in vision 2030. It will then be a guiding tool for the development of education countrywide. In the subsequent paragraphs above, the guiding questions of the research are primarily highlighted. The chief aim is on the identification of limitations that restrict the roles of school principals. It is used in the development of education system in Saudi Arabia. Also, it shows the kind of administrative methods that are applied by the school principals in developing the teachers' performances. Notably, it tries to find how the school principals can contribute to the development of the country's education system as stated in vision 2030.

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The methodology applied in the collection of information, the explanation regarding the population used in data collection and the strategies used in collecting information are too covered in the subsequent paragraphs. The drawing of recommendation is related to the received data besides the lessons learned from the research.

The significance of the topic

The research aims at finding the roles that the school principals can play in a bid to achieve the Saudi Arabia vision 2030 in education. Also, it aims at discovering how principals can do to improve the performance of teachers in schools, thus go in line with the requirements for vision 2030. They ought to be high performing and highly skilled trainees, with the skills that are in line with the job market required to have qualified techniques.

The research conducted in trying to find the roles that the school principals can play in the attainment of the vision 2030 aims at collecting the relevant information where the current problems are hindering the school principals from delivering their best and also performing specific activities that could otherwise help in the progress of education established. Those problems will then be critically analyzed about the documented provisions for the school principals outlining their roles to play as vision 2030 is focused. They will then help in assessing the extent in which the problems can act as setbacks to principals' concerted efforts of developing education in their respective schools. Possible and practical solutions are put across on how they can and will be solved so that they will have the abilities to ably discharge on their duties in their respective schools and ultimately giving their best, achieving the vision.

The research also aims at investigating how the principals can improve the performances of their teachers in schools. The found data will be useful to the concerned educational stakeholders in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The collected data concerning the suitability of the current school learning environments regarding conduciveness to the learning of students is also done to create efficiencies in learning programs. Such ways enable active learning and give out of the best results that go hand in hand with the requirements of vision 2030 for highly skilled and well-educated personnel fit for the job markets. Therefore this helps in taking off the appropriate measures by the Arabian government to improve them. Also, the research is aimed at assessing if the current educational curriculum and system can facilitate the attainment of the set vision. The data found from this research will help the government, too, in ensuring that it adjusts the educational system to accomplish its target. Also, the information from this research will aid the government in assessing the weaknesses as well as the strengths in the current educational so that it will allocate its resources in a balanced manner, to improve the education system by avoiding the wastage of resources.

Research questions

The research questions include; what are the restrictions that limit the principals' roles in developing education system as they project to vision 2030? The hypothesis shows that principals are credited with a little number of resources such as financial resources that limits their performance of day to day activities of running their schools. Another hypothesis in this question is that school principals have little administrative powers. The educational system of Saudi Arabian ministry of education has no decentralized skills so that the principals can have the abilities to order their teachers to perform specific duties authoritatively. The responsibilities were supposed to go a long way in bettering the performances of their teachers and students so that when the resultant good performances of Saudi schools will dictate the improved governance system.

Another question that guides my research is; what are the administrative methods that the principals can use to improve the performance of their teachers to achieve the Saudi vision 2030? It was seeking to identify and investigate the relevant and appropriate techniques that the principals can apply to make their teachers perform well as they attempt to meet the target of vision 2030. The hypotheses suggested concerning this question were; the principals can use the technique of performance contract on their teachers where the teachers are given room to set their perceived and the expected level of achievement after a given time frame. The second point is on the consistent evaluation of the performances of their teachers' returns after a given period along the course of education so that they ensure that the teachers can maintain upward mobility regarding their performance as they follow a progress report. The insurance that teacher recruitment and selection are qualitatively made so that they are only well trained and high achieving teachers employed to work in schools. The cultivation of trust between the principal and the teachers is done to create a harmonious working environment where the teachers can work hard under minimum supervision and at the same time aiming higher due to high motivation.

Another question that guided the research is; how can the schools' principals participate to achieve the Saudi vision 2030 in the education system? It aimed at finding how the principals can help achieve the Saudi educational vision. The hypotheses in this question are that the schools' principals in the country ought to work together in teamwork. Also, they can discuss the state of the education while suggesting how they can solve the common problems that face the education system, which is, explaining those setbacks deemed to be potential to pull down the plans in the education system aimed at achieving the vision 2030 favorably. Also, the principals can mobilize harmonious cooperation with the parents and students so that they can together come up with suitable ways of solving any challenges that they feel can hamper the education system.

Research design [methodology]

In a bid to answer the questions, I conducted a survey where I asked the questions twelve schools principals from both elementary, middle and high school level, from selected schools across the Saudi Arabia country. It primarily aims at collecting information more efficiently since it involves few individuals only to answer. I chose this method as it is the most suitable method of data collection in the sense that few individuals, the resource people, helps in saving on the cost of collecting of information. The school principals from all over the country can give varied views concerning their perceptions and opinions on the questions at hand. They represent different regions of the country, ensuring a balanced and more reliable answer regarding regional representation.

The survey method facilitates the gauging of the credibility of the information from the respondents. As I ask the questions, the respondents answer questions in a face to face manner; I will be able to know whether their answers are indeed right and worth believing in using their facial expression as they answer. I will then be able to make a move to apply ways that will ensure that I induce them to be honest in their answers. Such methods include such steps as asking harder questions forcing them to say all they have. As they try to clarify and justify themselves, they will end up opening up revealing the right information. Also, as they give their views on the topic at hand, I will be able to seek clarification on some points that I might not get to understand well their proving statements. In this way, more likely answers will result from the surveying method.

Besides, I decided to use surveying method because feedback is available at that moment of carrying out the research. As I assess the respondents to get the answers to questions, there will not be time to waste as in spending many days to get the feedback. It enables me to plan myself well and finish the research in the time stipulated time frame and go on to analyze the collected data in time. Moreover, also that the resultant conclusion, as well as the recommendation, reaches the users like the Saudi Arabian government in time, enabling to the take the necessary course of action on ways to ensure that the vision 2030 educational aims are dully aligned to in the educational sector. Also, survey method of data collection is first hand. For my research, it is beneficial since the data is directly from the field, giving the latest the current issues making it more dependable. Also, it helps avoid bias since the respondents are from all over the country, ensuring quality conclusion representing many people.

In this method of collecting information, I organized a strategic survey where I picked 12 schools' principals from across Saudi Arabian kingdom to answer my questions. Strategically, I approached each school principal with a set of related questions, and they answered them. I considered it a suitable population because they are the ones that the questions target their welfare and how they will contribute in the implementation of the vision 2030, that is, they are the central players in the process of implementation of vision 2030 educational blueprint since they are school leaders.

Description of the setting: population

I researched Saudi Arabia by approaching 12 male schools principals with a set of questions concerning the limitations to their roles in developing the education system to achieve the vision 2030 blueprint. I researched schools where they head so that they could be able to justify their points concerning some questions. The questions like the ones seeking to know if their schools are constructed in such a way as they will accommodate the conduciveness required for good environments that will enable the students to learn well and be able to attain the vision 2030 goals.

The school principals are the major players in the education sector since they head schools and many questions in the survey paper target to seek how they will be able to conform to the subject matter. The questions also targeted on how the setbacks hindering their concerted efforts towards the attainment of the vision...

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