Rutgers University Personal Statement Essay

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Wordcount:  561 Words
Date:  2022-11-20

As a high school leaver, I am highly optimistic about joining Rutgers University to pursue the course of my dreams in Business Administration. I look forward towards enrolling in the class since it will help me realize my vision in developing essential skills in business such as sales, purchases, promotion, discounting among others, abilities that will help me manage enterprises successfully. During my early life and high school education, I came across many issues that needed business prospects for solving. Such scenarios continually exposed me to the business arena.

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Additionally, my parents are passionate and accomplished business people. At one time, the family business got a severe shortcoming when the employees alluded with the accountant to steal from the trade, an incidence that almost rendered the business bankrupt. I noticed the despair and fury in my mother's eyes that I decided to take the profession that lost my parents' trust in business. It is in that moment that chose to pursue a career in Business Administration.

When I visited the Rutgers University website and discovered the numerous opportunities in the offer, I automatically resolved to join the university. The many courses offered at the university will allow me to interact with students from different faculties and occupations. Since the university adopts a well-designed policy that nurtures business education, studying at the university will be an excellent opportunity to realize my dreams. The previous research undertook by the students and lecturers highly motivates me and will create a platform to benchmark. Additionally, the university offers avenues for extracurricular activities such as sports, volunteer programs, clubs and associations that shall potentiate my academic goals. The university also offers an internship program that enables opportunities to access hands-on experience in real world-working environments.

Upon completion of my high school, I joined a volunteer program at Bergen Volunteer Center. The experience enabled me to acquire critical skills in improving the lives of people as well as community fostering. I realized how every organization needs the skills of business administrators for successful operations. Besides my experiences that greatly influenced my decision to join the Rutgers University, other stakeholders equally influenced my decision. First, my brother and sister are alumni of the university, who highly advocated for the institution from their personal experiences. The pool of professionals from the university ranging from business persons, artists, educationists, doctors, agriculturists, and scientists among others greatly motivate me, a thing that has equally led to my decision in resolving to join the university. Such professionals have enormous impacts on the society, but their profitability only gets realized upon application of business prospects.


There have also been notable role models in the university whose roles have greatly influenced my decision to join Rutgers University. Tamara Peters is one of such people whose profile I admire exceedingly. As the associate director in career development, she has specialized in various business courses that allow her to give informed advice to the students. She also has a vast experience in the business landscape. Another notable role model in the university is Scott Borden whose role in overseeing Wall Street careers among the students. Besides his well-polished business education background, he is a renowned career instructor and counselor at the university. Such individuals have created much enthusiasm for me to join the university and acquire the skills from these and other noble business savvies.

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