The Freedom to Be Me Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-05

Freedom is defined as the gaining of equal opportunities and chances, independence or sovereignty and dogging of happiness in people's lives, it is the nature of being free. It is also being relaxed in the mind, having a peace of mind. Personal freedom is getting and practicing all the human rights without hindrance from anybody or the is also the right to do anything that is in accordance with the law. The freedom of speech, opinion, the freedom of being able to represent or be represented in courts, and the freedom to live. Personal freedom enables one to live how one wants and to do whatever they want but following the law and order and also safeguarding the codes and conducts of the society as well as looking out for the well-being of other people in the community.

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Not being able to have personal freedom which is also the peace of mind one can acquire stress. Stress is a condition of the mind or the mental that is caused due to challenging situations. It causes uneasiness and restlessness and changes the behaviors and characters of people. In this case, it can be caused due to lack of personal freedom leading to mental disturbance. In order for the mind to be free and live comfortably one has to have personal freedom. Sometimes the government or people in power try to block people's personal freedom in order to gain independence. There are human rights advocates fighting for peoples freedom every day because lack of personal freedom makes the common people unable to practice their day to day duties due to fear which eventually leads to a sick community due to stress which will be acquired due to underachievement or underperformance due to lack of personal freedom. Every living human being should wake up and fight for his or her own freedom in order to develop and have peace of mind.

Everybody should have personal freedom. One should live life however he or she wants. One is supposed to express himself or herself freely without fear or intimidation. Freedom to be me allows me to be free to do anything, talk anyhow and dress however I want or feel comfortable as long as no rules are being broken. People should be free to behave in whatever matter they want or wish to. The public should be aware of what their rights are because the government always try to breach the rules to gain more power. I agree with the writer in the poem freedom to be me that one should have the freedom to have "own mind". People should be accepted to have their own stands, own thinking and be able to make their own decisions without being influenced by anybody or anything. Respect of other peoples thoughts and opinions should be practiced to acquire own freedom.

The freedom to be me allows one to be loved. Love is a very strong desire in people's minds and hearts. In order to fight stress and gain personal freedom love should be passed unconditionally. When people always show hate to other people is lowers their esteem which later makes them unable to practice their freedom freely. Hate speech is not allowed and one can't get into trouble by using it against others. The freedom to be my campaign for one to be hurt but to be loved. Getting hurt may lead to stressing the mind which is a dangerous disease because of overthinking or sadness. Getting hurt brings too much pain mentally and physically which can destroy the common or usual nature of a person. The freedom to be me advocates for an understanding of other peoples ways, cultures, principles and stands instead of judging them. I agree with this case as everyone should have the right to contribute to any conversation and have an opinion. Most people have the gift of critical thinking hence having an opinion about most of the things that happen around them. People should also have the freedom to practice whatever culture they wish to and worship in the religion of their choice peacefully. Freedom to be my poem, advocates for no judgment of whatever ways of life one chooses to live because of that what makes people happy. People should be accepted in whatever nature or lifestyle they live. If you don't want to be judged then you should not judge and if you want to be accepted you should be willing to accept others too.

The freedom to be me also supports that people should be allowed to make mistakes and go on with their daily lives without being one is perfect in this life so making mistakes is normal and it is a way of learning. One should be shown the right way when mistakes are done and get motivated to do the right thing instead of being judged which can demoralize a person's sanity leading to stress. People should be confident in life, people should be able to do what they love and enjoy doing. Some people hate on other peoples talents and skills and try to put them down because of jealousy and other personal benefits but this freedom advocate for people to have high self-esteem and courage which will enable them to achieve their purposes without listening to those looking forward to their failure.

Stress coping skills

Having a positive mind and attitude; the poems talk about being confident and walking head high. Having a positive attitude may change the thinking and perception of life and boost ones courage. Teach the body and mind to relax. Even when people try to judge one should be able to let go and move on. Overthinking will lead to stressfulness which is not healthy for the body. Accepting events that cannot be controlled will also lead to peace of mind. Trying too much to understand complicated or impossible happenings will lead to getting stress by disturbing the peace of mind. To avoid stress one should learn to accept the outcome by avoiding blame games. Practicing avoidance may also fight stress by not involving one's self in matters that are not related to you, or just letting nature takes its place without question. Active coping is also being referred to in the poem where the poet wants to get love without being cases where one has got hurt this process helps in controlling also the passive one can submit to pain but according to the poem one should not accept to get hurt by others but should have own mind and own opinions which he or she should raise to have a peace of mind or personal freedom.

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