Research Synopsis of Employee Empowerment in Hospitality Industry

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Date:  2021-07-17

Employee empowerment is an important strategy in the hospitality industry, but it should not be used in isolation because when that happens, there is a possibility of missing out on the goal of the organization. Employee empowerment means giving the employees the mandate, responsibility, and liberty to make decisions as they interact with the clients. The hospitality industry is one that attracts different customers who require a certain preferred treatment to experience customer satisfaction. As such, it is important for the employees to be empowered to be able to meet the unique demands and preferences of the clients.

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The objective of the study was to examine the impact of organizational factors and employees customer orientation on the employee empowerment views. Further, the focus in the study is narrowed down to the effects of the standard communication system, rewards, and appreciations given to the employees as we as employee training. In the study, the employee opinion regarding customer orientation is taken into consideration as it plays a central role in the interaction between the employee and the clients. Moreover, this study also aims at providing vital information to the management that they can use to improve the employee client orientation such that the organizational goals are attained through the well-aligned employee.

Through the literature analysis in the study, it is evident that some researchers argue that a humanistic approach usually makes the service sector inefficient. However, appropriate emphasis on the human resource empowerment can be the solution to most problems guests experience in the industry. When employees are empowered, they are offered the power they need to satisfy the customers at times bending the rules to meet or exceed the guests expectations. Additionally, employee empowerment increases job satisfaction of the employees by enabling them to remain motivated in their workplace. They do not feel controlled or overly supervised such that they remain rigid.

The research utilized 203 guest contact employees through a survey. The findings suggest that although hiring customer oriented employees does not guarantee economic success, it is a significant step towards achieving financial success. Additionally, when the hospitality-related companies hire client-oriented employees, guiding them through the system through training is imperative if the financial goals are to be attained through increased clientele base. Finally, through the study, it is evident that service standards communication is a vital aspect of the empowerment strategy to enhance the value thereof.

The implications of these findings provide helpful insights for the managers in the industry. It is imperative that the hiring process should aim at recruiting employees who have a customer orientation which is the first step towards the right direction. Secondly, the management should invest in the hired group through offering training services that will provide essential skills and knowledge in handling the guests. It is through providing a conducive environment that the trained employees can work as required. As such, the management should offer an ideal support system through regular communication that empowers the staff. Finally, the retention of the right people is critical. Otherwise, the cost of high turnover can compromise the companys benefits. Thus strategies like rewarding the efforts of high performers in the organization should not be delayed. Both monetary and non-monetary rewards should be a part of a reputable organization in the hospitality industry. Such employees are able to bring greater results through increased clientele base who will impact the finances positively and better company image that can attract new clients to the firm.


Ro, H., & Chen, P. J. (2011). Empowerment in hospitality organizations: Customer orientation and organizational support. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 30(2), 422-428.

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