Essay on Delegating Duties for Sick Leave: 6 Steps for Growing Companies

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Date:  2023-02-11

WD-40 is a company which deals in the manufacture of the penetrating oils as well as the sprays. In this is regard, since it is a growing company, there is the need to consider the delegation of duties to the subordinates by the management to raise the productivity (Schefer-Wenzl, Strembeck, & Baumgrass, 2012). In the task at hand concerning the preparation of the sick leave, there has been the delegation of the duties to some junior staff. There are six steps for the delegation of such duties, which are as brought out in the following paragraphs.

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First, there should be the preparation of the duties to be delegated in advance. In this case, there are various tasks, known to the senior person at hand, which, when executed, cumulatively contributes to the performance of the whole job in the end. Since there are various employees to be delegated the tasks, there is need to master their levels of skills, as well as their areas of specialization, for appropriate delegation of duties that will result in their optimal performances (Schefer-Wenzl, Bukvova, & Strembeck, 2014). It is followed by the discussion of the tasks which are to be delegated. Such a step concerns the exposure of the nature of the functions, which is aimed at profoundly understanding them. Their nature will then be understood before being selectively delegated.

They are followed by the step where there is the identification of the deadline for completion. In this case, the work being delegated has a time frame regarding when it should have been completed by the subordinate staff tasked with its execution. The identification of such a deadline assists in the knowledge of how the respective tasks of work should be completed to avid workplace inconveniences (Schefer-Wenzl, Bukvova, & Strembeck, 2014).

It is followed by the need to outline the existing level of authority. In this regard, there is the identification of the extent of freedom to handle the tasks by the subordinates. It is followed by the creation of progress reports (Schefer-Wenzl, Bukvova, & Strembeck, 2014). It aims at establishing the formula in which the performances of the employees in which the tasks have been delegated will be tracked as time goes by. There is then the conduction of the final debriefing, where the employees are thoroughly informed on the nature of the whole activity revolving around the work being delegated, fostering optimal performances (Schefer-Wenzl, Strembeck, & Baumgrass, (2012). It is, finally, followed by the delegation of the tasks summing up to work. The employees will then be expected to deliver to their level best.

For the case of the policy creation in WD-40 company, vice president Thomas should apply the above delegation steps is a specified manner for optimal performance in the delegated tasks. First, he should prepare the various tasks of the work in advance, concerning the types of skills required to be accomplished from the sides of the team members. Subsequently, he should discuss the tasks with the team members to collect enough information on whether they have been correctly classified.

It is followed by a step where vice president Thomas is supposed to identify the deadline in which the creation of policy should end. It will aid in working on time and avoid the chances of irresponsibility. Vice president Thomas should then state the authorities which each member of the team assigned with the tasks is supposed to be given, including the freedom to think independently and act as planned.

There is also the step where vice president Thomas should create the mechanism for tracking the actions of the members of the team which has been assigned the various tasks. In this case, there is the deadline of the policy creation that has been established, and its attainment needs the continued progress of the team members to keep them on track hence avoiding the instances of being tempted to be lazy and forgo the need to prioritize on the attainment of the set deadline. Vice president Thomas should then debrief the team members and delegate them with duties as planned.

Cumulatively, when vice president Tomas follows the six steps of required for effective delegation of duties, it will result in the production of the optimal policy creation to the satisfaction of the management of WD-40 company.


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Schefer-Wenzl, S., Bukvova, H., & Strembeck, M. (2014, May). A review of delegation and break-glass models for flexible access control management. In International Conference on Business Information Systems (pp. 93-104). Springer, Cham.

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