Essay Example on Joel Brady: An Impressive Strategy Director in Advertising

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Date:  2022-12-27

Going to the agency's presentation helped me to understand the roles played in the advertising sector. My attention was mainly captured by Joel Brady who has worked as a strategy director in advertising. He impressed me because he has a great passion for his work and has worked with various agencies which have enhanced his experience. Joel is responsible for ensuring thoughtful planning working with his colleagues and also communicating with as many clients as possible. From Joel's role, I have learned various matters that I will discuss in this paper.

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Firstly, effective communication is an essential ingredient in the advertising industry. Advertisers communicate with different consumers when promoting their products. It is crucial to understand the best way of transferring information about a product to the clients (Alvesson, 2014). In advertising, emotional communication works more commendably than rational communication. In most cases, advertisers concentrate more on telling stories rather than attributes of the product. Secondly, in advertising media, it is always essential to give your ideas maximum respect. Advertising industry requires quick and creative thinkers who can come up with brilliant ideas at any time when needed by the clients. Therefore, whenever presenting an idea, it is essential to do it with passion and ensure that every team member believes that you can accomplish the impossible.

Moreover, well-devised advertising strategies are essential to ensure that the marketing process is carried out effectively and the advertising goals are achieved. Working with other team members ensure that the best tactics are designed that will help in countering objections and meeting the needs of the clients (Hill & Moran, 2011). An effective advertising strategy also helps in deciding the best behavioral strategy to use to convince the targeted consumers into buying the products. Likewise, it is always essential to understand the desires of the clients and satisfy them. When clients have specified what they want, it is vital as an advertising agency to comprehend their wants and work in achieving the specifications (Reynolds & Olson, 2011). It is critical for the advertising agencies to understand the business of the clients to be able to come up with the best ideas and plans on the advertisement task.


In conclusion, it is critical for advertisers to always have adequate knowledge about the businesses of their clients, the needs of the clients and also the target population for the advertisement. As a result, advertisers can understand the right strategies to use to satisfy such needs. Communication ensures that the whole advertisement process is achieved successfully.


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