Research Paper on How People Understand Feminism in the Society

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Even though feminism may have a dictionary definition, it does not mean that every person agrees on the meaning of a feminist. Ideally, different people tend to have varying takes on what feminism represents. However, it depends on the place of people in society. Feminism encompasses the political movements, social movements, as well as ideologies sharing a common goal of ensuring that all the sexes have equal rights. It establishes the opportunities evident in the professional and educational fields. In contemporary society, feminism depicts controversy and debate from different scholars and other individuals. The debates occur because of negative connotations, which are attached to feminism. Most people always consider feminism as a concept in which the females try to rise above the males (Sutherland 33).

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Importantly, many of the feminists state that they do not aim at rising above men but rather establish a sense of equality. Feminists advocate passionately for the purpose and relevancy of their movements notwithstanding the debate on feminism. People may have varying views, perceptions, and stands about feminism and its significance (King 179). Due to feminist movements, there has been a significant change within Western society. These include the talk about suffrage of women, improved access to education, equitable pay and access to job opportunities, the right of initiating the divorce proceedings, as well as the right of women in making individual decisions, which regard contraception and abortion. Due to feminism, the rate of domestic violence has reduced substantially.

Additionally, as the number of women who enter the workplace tends to increase substantially, the gender roles have also changed. The households also divide how they undertake their tasks. The criticisms of feminist regarding the contributions of men to the care of children show that domestic labor within the Western middle class is based on the unfair idea about women. From the theology of feminists, traditions and religious theologies are reconsidered. In this manner, the role of females as religious authorities tends to increase significantly (Rottenberg 430).

Moreover, there is the need to determine the place of women relating to motherhood while studying the different images of the women within the society - feminism in various parts across the western world. It involved three waves comprising of the first, second and third waves. In the first-wave feminism, the orientation was around the women from the upper and middle class. The women were affected by political equality - the second-wave feminism aimed at combating the social, as well as cultural inequalities. Even though the first wave entailed the white men in the middle class, the second one, the women from different nations were brought together (Wodak 127).

On the other hand, third-wave feminism addresses the financial, and social inequalities. It also composed of the renewed campaign to enhance a significant influence of the women in political fields and media. As they tend to react to political activism, the feminists would also maintain a focus on the reproductive rights of women like the rights to abortion. Feminists are the proponents who use non-sexist languages. Feminists always use gender-inclusive language that would comprise of humanity at the expense of humankind. Through gender-neutral language would help minimize assumptions concerning the gender of various humans (Sutherland 35). The advocacy of such language always reflects the agendas of clarifying inclusion of the sexes while proposing that gender ought not to be marked in language. The metaphors have become a way that can be used in describing the world. The metaphors structure the thinking of people regarding how science and shape the kind of questions to be asked. When some parents bear children out of wedlock, the aspect of social acceptance in the society among the young women will increase. Some women and men would perceive feminism to be incompatible with the aspect of romance. However, feminism has positive impacts on the health of women and male sexual satisfaction.

Concisely, the females have been strong due to the inception point. The contemporary society, it understands the strength of the gender. The views of society change every time. As such, most of the individuals are disempowered. People can fight against the stigma that arises from mental health disorders. Therefore, it would be crucial to teach the women about safe practices of sex. My perception is that I can only vote for the politicians who are ready for supporting the rights of women. Therefore, a fundamental aspect exists, which requires every individual in the society to only fight hard towards the enforcement of tough rape charges (Rottenberg 435).

In developing and developed countries, the gender can be overcome by ensuring that the societies teach men to understand that women are valuable persons in the society who ought to be treated equally. Through this, the men will do away with the sense of ignorance or any chauvinistic ways that may be experienced within the societal spectrum. The women may also be guilty of allowing ignorance. In essence, most girls always believe that beauty is in the eyes of a man hence requiring the need of marrying and having children for them to become successful in society (Shildrick 115). As women use their bodies so that they are accepted in society, they will experience extreme lengths of obtaining beauty. Therefore, the females should stop other females from acting in a way that they seem to be competing with others. Feminism is about changing how the world perceives the strength of women in society.

Based on The Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay and Body Outlaws, feminism is scrutinized as it exists. Therefore, as women try to empower themselves, most men and women would be uncomfortable. When trying to deal with the discomfort, people might look for a reason of discrediting the movement such that they hold on the status quo. Feminism involves the equality for women with the men. Equality means that the females should have their opinions valued equally with the opinions and voices of the males. The concept of Roxane of a Bad Feminist gets criticisms from different people. Some people only consider a Bad Feminist to be a good feminist as they try to undermine the feminist movement. People need to stop thinking of the feminist being what society perceives in the life aspects.

From The Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay and Body Outlaw, the women of color are oppressed in the southern region during the 1960s. For instance, a white woman stood up for the colored women thereby making some people think of it is a good narrative (Eichhorn 33).

The women of color do not require white women as they fight for their rights. Roxane mentions that the people of color are the individuals responsible for leading the civil rights movement. Resultantly, such people showed strength and courage, as well as resolving beyond the measure to enable them effect change. The common thread is the experience of a woman of color (Wodak 130). Roxane provides a chapter about weight. For instance, when one recovers from an eating disorder, proud statements concerning love and acceptance. Roxane is in the midst of the struggle. Within the male-dominated industry, white women can understand their struggles. Many people tend to judge by the actions of the individuals who work. There should be equality for all the genders.

Notably, online feminism enhances the recent victories of the high-profile feminist movements. An example is a backlash against the foundation, which aimed at pulling Planned Parenthood due to political reasons. These may force the takedown of some billboards and the response to sexist attacks. Feminist blogs provide information on stories about women, as well as the issues, which might impact their lives. As such, the blogs create an avenue for vital conversations about equality in society. Online spaces would allow people who live on the margins to understand their audience appropriately. In this way, it creates the discourse on transnational feminism or even the aspect of intersectionality. Through the platform, feminists always understand where they have come from regarding equality for women.

Conversely, different concepts may determine how women are treated in society. These include the representation of the body of females. In the modern world, in most cases, a hairless body would be associated with the aspect of beauty. As such, corporations profit from the female body as they convince them of their rawest and natural versions. However, some hypotheses may exist showing that the women shown with hair are less attractive. They will also become less intelligent and sociable. Another topic of consideration is on clothing. For the women who reveal too much of their skin, they will be labeled as females who are too easy (Eichhorn 33).

On the other side, when they are covered completely, they can be seen as people who are too boring. These ways make the women to be looked down upon by the males within the societal spectrum. However, the two ways may contradict one another. Females are warned on the need for respecting themselves if they expose their skin. The feminists believe in feminism as a concept responsible for playing a significant role in breaking the barrier that may exist hence the women will be liberated and feel respected for the choices they make. When providing responses about feminism, reproductive health concepts like abortion would serve of great concern (Wodak 141). Most people consider the women who abort to be dirty due to the decision that they make. The media portrays unwanted pregnancy to be an event of maturity and one, which brings forth compassion.

Additionally, the victims of rape are the ones who are always criticized in the even that rape occurs. The victim will be blamed for attracting the rapist due to what they wear. The blaming of victims is prevalent mostly in the case of males as opposed to the females. In most cases, society focuses on the teaching of the victims on how they can avoid being raped rather than teaching the therapists not to rape (Robinson 21). Furthermore, feminists campaign for reform of the family laws aimed at ensuring that the husbands have control over their wives. However, in some countries, the women do not receive the right of working without the permission of their husbands. In this case, discrimination based on sex and gender would be evident. In the third-wave feminism, the paradigm of the second wave was challenged to help interpret sexuality, as well as gender. Internal debates were also evident between the feminists who believe in the psychological differences of the various sexes. Precisely, the theoretical viewpoint of feminists shows that the social position of individuals would influence knowledge. This theory would treat the feminist movements and the women to be insignificant. The feminist movement needs to address different global issues like rape and prostitution and female genital mutilation. Some feminist theories exist in society. These cover the philosophical and theoretical fields. Through the feminist theory, it would be easy to understand sexuality, relations of gender, as well as gender inequality. They also promote the interests and rights of women (Robinson 26).

Additionally, feminism branches track the leanings of political affiliations within the society. These leanings include conservatism, liberalism, or the nature of focus on the environment. Liberalism would seek individualistic equality of the males and females through the incorporation of legal or political reforms while the structure of the society remains unaltered. The oppression of women may...

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