Why I Want to Attend Nursing School Essay

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Date:  2022-09-20

Growing up as a child, I have always wanted to work for the common good of my country and humanity as a whole. I watched so many of my relatives work in several industries; some enjoying what they were doing while others living in regrets because of the demands of their jobs, the work stress and burnouts. By the time I was in Grade six, I had grown big enough to discern what passion and job satisfaction entails, and I had known that there are good and bad career decisions. I made a promise to myself to never choose a career that would stress me and let me live in regrets. It is after a series of inquiries and evaluation of the future job prospects that I settled on nursing as my ideal course to pursue. It has come to the long-awaited time to pursue my career dream, and I have several reasons as for why I want to attend a nursing school.

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Unlike most people whose interest in joining medical schools is motivated by the prestige attached to being called a medic and the consequently attractive salary packages, my inspiration is drawn from my innate desire to work in an environment where I touch people's lives positively from personal sacrifice. Becoming a nurse is a generally demanding career in which I will have an opportunity to walk with patients on their path to recuperation. I have had an experience handling sick relatives and friends, and for that reason, I believe I know the kind of emotional support and care they need to enhance their recovery. Most importantly, this form of compassion needs a personal conviction to remain selfless as you help others.

I am a parent, a single mother of three, and I need a stable job that will make it effortless for me to take care of my children. I am solely responsible for the upkeep, food, shelter, and education of my children. Acquiring the LPN license will open up unlimited opportunities for me to get employed in stable and well-paying job environments within the health sector. In possession of a functional LPN license, I am assured of access to diverse kinds of establishments with unique and fulfilling work environments that begin from health centers, home care facilities, schools, government, and non-governmental agencies. Having a wide variety of options with regards to the places of work makes me feel secure in the face of excoriating pain of limited jobs which is already a national concern.

I believe no career in this world instills invaluable life lessons in people like nursing. Nursing is pivoted on collective form impeccable ethical codes of conduct, personal discipline, and self-sacrifice for the benefits of others. These are the incredible life lessons I am hoping to hone in my future practice as a nurse, and then, in turn, impart them on my children while at their formative stages. My intention as a mother is to have my children grow knowing the importance of patience in every activity they engage in. This is something I learn in nursing as one deals with a patient. My children must also understand the value and the audacity of hope as they go through difficult experiences characterized by uncertainty. The essence of good work ethics, the value of observing rules and regulation and the significance of self-discipline is more effortless to inculcate in the children as they grow than doing it later. These listed life lessons is a small representation of a string of vital life lesson I would want to let my children understand as they grow.

I want to be a good role model for my children. Due to my sheer determination, I am hoping to climb the career ladder to the unlimited heights. This resolution is intended to act as a proximal example and inspiration to my children that single parenthood could be a challenge, but certainly not a disability. I am indebted to be the first role model to my kids, and I feel through the fruits of my resolve to work hard and achieve my life goals as I support them and influence people positively, I shall have excelled in that goal.

Bringing up my children as a single parent is a serious challenge that I am facing; just like any other single parent in the world. This problem is further compounded for the single parents with a demanding career, and I will not be exempted either. For this reason, I need a work environment that is more flexible to enable me to balance between parenthood and career without any conflict of interest that comes with time and attention. Nursing is the ideal careers that mostly offer a flexible work schedule in our lives as single parents. As a practicing nurse, we have the freedom to take shifts in a conveniently. There is a chance to take between 4 to 12 hours daily for shifts. The remaining time is good enough for me to go about my parenting duties and to recreate and work on another aspect of development.

Nursing is a stepping stone through which I will move to the specialties that best suit me. I naturally like children. I never get tired of handling them as they grow. After getting my LPN license, I would want to move to the pediatrics department to handle sick children because I believe I am naturally gifted in interpreting the psychological state of the children and how to respond to their needs. I want to go to the nursing school and work more on discovering child behavior and health management so that I work in line with what I am gifted in doing.

Beyond the fact that nursing widens my choices regarding the places to work within my country, it is also among the careers that are designated as portable and universal. The medical practice in most countries is uniform as set by the World Health Organizations (WHO) and ISO certification of medical practice. Nursing, therefore, makes me mobile and secure as I can get a job in virtually any corner of the world. It only takes a short induction on the practice of ethical codes and standards in any country to begin working. The only other challenge to overcome is the language barrier, but since I am an English speaker, it is even easier to find over 100 countries to work without learning another language.


Nursing has always been my dream career. Not only does it provide me with an opportunity to take care of my children, but it facilitates my desire to help people compassionately in every little manner that I can. I have multiple reasons to join the nursing school. I want to have the capacity to provide all forms of security for my children ranging from economic to social aspects. I want to be an all-rounded mother who can perform emergency treatment to my kids, my neighbors and everyone else. Most importantly, I want to pursue my passion as I impact the lives of others around me. I am hoping to be the most competent and caring nurse that I know.

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