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The Code of Conduct outlines the company's expectations and the relationship between employees and their colleagues. They usually encompass universal ethical values that define how the workers should conduct themselves while at work (Erwin 539). They also govern the decision-making process. Companies have their Code of Conduct, although they are not the same. Integrity is a cross-cutting code of conduct that all companies use while delivering their services.

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General Motors and Toyota

General Motors strive to do their business in the right way and maintaining integrity. The code is a vital expression of the company's values, and it assists it in the decision-making process that is essential in winning the customer's trust, respect, and loyalty. This code of conduct is GM's statement of shared values that help the firm to operate honestly, openly, and ethically. This code serves as the cornerstone of the compliance program that offers guidance on how to win in business with integrity. It provided essential resources that are needed to make ethical decisions. The company's codes do not encourage discrimination based on gender, sex, and race. All the employees are treated equally with respect and dignity. GM also take personal responsibilities in their work. While Toyota's daily business operations are built and supported by the firm's Code of Conduct. Their codes include the creation of a lively and harmonious work environment with zero discrimination and ensuring it is Laws and Regulations compliance and society and Toyota. It utilizes its capability and ability and cooperating with others to improve the performance of the company. Also, Toyota does not tolerate criminal and illegal activities or any other activities that violate the company's policies and rules. Toyota communicated fairly and openly with stakeholders to gain more customers. Contrary, there are situations where GM's local laws and regulations differ from the set standards of their code. Toyota is always committed to ensuring these codes of conduct address all the situations that might arise in the course of doing business.

Hershey and Coca-Cola

Hershey's code who they are and what is important to them. It provides shared values and an overview of the regulations, laws, and policies that apply to the company and its work. The components of Hershey's code of conduct include doing the right thing, promotion of an ethical workplace, doing the right thing, and safeguarding the company. The Code of Conduct provides the approaches that are used to resolve the code that conflicts with the country's laws. Hershey also values each other's opinions and believes that there are equal chances for everyone to succeed. The firm is also committed to fair engagement practices as they operate. For instance, Hershey respects an individual's rights, and it abides by the laws of the markets that are within their work jurisdiction. Coca Cola is a global firm, and it ensures its code of business conduct is applicable globally. Their main code of conduct is to act with integrity. Others include honest, following the law, accountability and code compliance. All the employees and employers should work with integrity to reflect the positive reputation and values of the company. The code serves as the guideline to help workers conducts themselves in a way that reflects the firm's image. For example, is workers are facing challenges while at work, they should refer to the code of conduct to know what is expected of them. Nevertheless, Hershey considers its code of conduct as a great source, although it does not cover all the situations that employees may face while at the job. Coca Cola's code of conduct incorporates other pillars such as accountability to help them achieve vision 2020.

Microsoft and IBM

Microsoft is a global company whose products are used worldwide. The corporation has a code of conduct that is helping it to build trust. The firm achieves more by applying its shared values and culture to preserve the trust of its customers, government, partners, investors, and representatives. Its standards of conduct guide its behavior and help the employees to understand what is required of them. Its main code of conduct is reporting concerns and non-retaliation. Microsoft is committed to build and maintain integrity, trust, and ethics, depending on how the employee report concerns. Its members should comply with policies and laws. The company prohibits some activities. For instance, if anyone retaliates against the workers for taking part in those activities will serve a punishment that can lead to termination of employment. As part of Microsoft's code of conduct, there are many ways of reporting concerns. They treat concerns with seriousness, justly, and immediately. IBM also has a Code of Conduct that defines the business practices and minimum standard of conducting business. They include accounting and financial integrity, compliance with laws, regulations, and rules while handling government clients, write payment, fair competition, and compliance with internal trade laws and securities. The Code of Conduct of both companies protects its employees against all forms of harassment and discrimination. Microsoft and IBM's Code of Conduct differ, but their common goal is to define the corporate practices that help them achieve their goals.

Facebook and Starbucks

All employees who work on Facebook should abide by the company's codes. They should act ethically, honestly, and lawfully and in the interests of the corporation while they are discharging their duties. Facebook allows its employees to use their judgment to act when they are encountering a conflict of interest. The code of conduct r requires the workers to abstain and disclose any situations that can elicit conflict of interest. There are procedures to follow to solve a conflict of interest. Facebook protects its employees; therefore, it does not tolerate any forms of unlawful mistreatment of harassment. Facebook personnel make an announcement after consulting the communication director. Finally, the company is committed to integrity, confidentiality, and transparent. For instance, Facebook personnel is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of users' information under all circumstances. Starbucks is an international company that uses the code of conduct to make decisions that support a positive reputation. Similar to Facebook, Starbucks requires employees to act lawfully and ethically. It is also committed with anti-retaliation policy. It does not accept retaliation against a worker who reports a concern regarding the violation of the code of business conduct. The firm also advocates for equal opportunity in employment practices. For example, when employing people who are under 18 years, the recruitment team should consider the legal limitations for hiring.


Every company has a code of conduct that helps them to achieve their business goals and preserve the value of running the business. They will also assist the firms in upholding integrity, which will improve customer trust. This code of conduct applies to all employees irrespective of their ranks. They are also bound by the contract to follow the code of conduct when they are executing their duties. Integrity and working lawfully are the best approaches because they will make the company to achieve more.

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