TIBO Outsourcing Practice and Security Risks Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-12


There is an existence of security risks in the case of TIBO caused by the absenteeism of the security manager and minimal prioritization towards security. As a result of the lack of management, TIBO is faced with ineffective security policies, outdated network, and lax about security rules. The security administration team is small and under-resourced with a lack of dedicated security manager hence making it difficult to enhance security maintenance and changes to access rights.

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The proposed recommendation on the security risks faced entails the development of an IT risk management framework that is in line with TIBOs risk management structure. Nevertheless, it is essential to establish appropriate communication ranging from the business and the IT sectors to develop an improved management awareness.

IS Audits to TIBO

Auditing will ensure that the past mistakes are not repeated taking into consideration there is a sensitive customer data involved. It is essential to develop an IT policy board or an improved IT involvement on the corporate approach to offer business and IT improvement.

Therefore, a regular audit in the commencement phase is supposed to be implemented and conveyed to the management committee and the CEO in a prompt and brief manner to enhance accountability. A response of verification should also be sent to the CEO, project manager and director of IT to promote stability and transparency across all the units of operation.

Outsourcing Process Evaluation and Recommendation

Outsourcing promotes the flexibility of managers making it easier for the part-time workers to be employed only when they are needed by the company as opposed to keeping a full-time employer on the payroll and in some instances this worker is not needed. Therefore, outsourcing can minimize expenses since the organization is not required to compensate impermanent employees when they are working. Some of the risks experienced in TIBO are:

  • Lack of testing
  • Nonexistence of business coordination of other metrics.
  • CEO's lack of consciousness or awareness to make expertise resolution.
  • Inadequate reporting.

These problems can be alleviated by using different selection strategies to eliminate and sort job applicants to assess their potential for being good performers on a task. The organization should be well organized with proper discipline and effective procedures and treating all tasks as a high priority. The case study fails to provide any specific recommendation to the matter of outsourcing, security and strategic alignment. The supervisors should assign the employees with duties and privileges by applying the outside sources hence offering second opinions.

The Responsibilities that Audit, IT Management, and the CEO Should Play in Outsourcing

The functions of the audit should involve taking part in development. Despite there being a modern technology, new outsourcing process, and high risk, TIBO lacked in-house expertise. As a consequence, a majority of their customers faced large public exposure hence the need to involve audit in the development.

IT management should be more involved in managing the subcontracted employees as opposed to relegating all duties solely to the third party.

On the other hand, business management should be more proactive in coming up with solutions to the multiple problems facing the organization. Instead, they left the task of getting solutions completely to the IT department. As a result, they did not understand any possible business risks connected to outsourcing.

Governance Implications of How TIBO Handled Outsourcing from the Board

Of Directors, Executive, and IT Management Levels

Derived from the case study, it is clear that the regularity of meetings among the board of management is not enough especially when challenges start emerging. This implies that the intervals in which the meetings are held should be increased to provide sufficient solutions to the arising problems. Moreover, it is essential to ensure all the parties involved in the project management such as the WeBop should participate in the meetings so that all units can effectively participate in the outsourcing process. Notably, all decisions particularly when outsourcing other providers should be discussed in all the board meetings to avoid any surprises. Therefore, the IT department, executives and board of directors should beware of what is going on at all times so that they can provide their inputs as well as setting up clear objectives at the beginning of any project.

Customer Complaints

There appear to be several issues particularly in the IT and business department of TIBO. For instance, the IT department has previously made its own decision without consulting the business side for their opinion. This is a clear indication that the reports are not recurrent enough and are not passed to all the departments of TIBO. Therefore, to avoid a repeat of CEO not being aware of the customer complaints, any significant modifications and the employment of the outsourced workers should be communicated to the entire team of TIBO including the CEO among many others.

The IT division will need proper guidance from the executive team including the CEO putting into consideration that the strategic development is informal. However, unavailability of the client-server system and web developer makes it hard for the IT director to utilize the system to its full ability. Subsequently, in order to ensure that this miscommunication does not take place again, all the IT department changes should be communicated to the CEO directly.

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